ILS April 2014 Recap

Tia Lyn Lingerie and Ruff Doggie styles floggers

Above: Tia Lyn Lingerie and Ruff Doggie Styles floggers.

“We’ve been attending for almost 10 years, but the energy at this most recent ILS was electric,” – Joe Tawil, René Rofé.

“What is that in her hands?” I asked myself looking through my camera. Adjusting the lens, the twirling blur came into focus as a tall brunette wearing a beautiful teal bralet and garter set from Tia Lyn Lingerie walked down the runway snapping two leather floggers at the crowd.

The show’s announcer asked, “is there someone in the audience ready to have fun and do it the RUFF way!?!” Within seconds, buyers swarmed towards the stage like rock fans hoping to catch Ruff Doggie Styles’ Love Knot Flogger arcing through the air.

Dirty Dolls Lingerie

Above: Dirty Dolls Lingerie.

That moment at the International Lingerie Show’s (ILS) fashion show perfectly summed up what this trade event is all about: showcasing all that’s sexy and kinky under one roof for lingerie, pleasure product and accessory buyers in a fun and engaging way.

Seven til Midnight Lisa Tran with Elisabeth Dale

Above: Seven ’til Midnight’s Lisa Tran with Elisabeth Dale.

And at last month’s ILS, held from March 31 – April 2, 2014, the three-day trade event drew in more visitors than the previous edition with a larger selection of intimate apparel brands, pleasure products and costume manufacturers at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

International Intimates

“ILS gives us concentrated customer contact; there’s no other forum where we can interact with so many accounts in such a short time.” – Joe Tawil, René Rofé.

“We’ve been attending for almost ten years, but the energy at this most recent ILS was electric -— I think it’s probably the best show we’ve had. Foot traffic was up, and we saw a lot of new faces,” said Joe Tawil, International Intimates Inc.’s Division President of April’s show. “Maybe the most significant development is the sharp increase in international business. Our brands are gaining real traction in the European and South American markets, and we expect to see dynamic growth there.”

Tia Lyn Sign

Above: a sign at Tia Lyn Lingerie’s booth encouraging everyone to love their curves.

Additionally, two trends stood out at this edition of ILS — an emphasis on plus sizes from more brands and a wider, more upscale selection of sexual health products.

Oh La La Cherie Curves

Above: Oh La La Cherie Curves’ two-piece Molded Cup Bustier with Lace-Up Side Detail and G-string.

In plus sizes, Oh La La Cheri debuted their new “Curves” collection to ILS buyers. It is the brand’s first plus size collection with sizes available up to 4X.

Curves, the brand noted, is the result of over eight years of market research and offers a selection of bras, garters, baby dolls, chemises, bustiers, and robes amongst other styles. Buyers were treated to visuals from the collection at ILS’ fashion show and at the brand’s booth.

“With our new plus size collection we continue to stay true to our brand DNA by providing a fashion forward trend with an edge in both color and style,” says Oh La La Lingerie’s Creative Director, Nicolas Attard, of Curves.

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TiaLynRunway3 TiaLynRunway2

Above: Tia Lyn Lingerie.

Also making an impression on the runway were styles from Tia Lyn Lingerie. Every item showcased during the runway show, and at the designers booth, is offered in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2X and 3X.

“This collection reveals the underpinnings of a more sophisticated woman where as you get closer to her inner layer, the layers become just as lovely as she is,” says the designer Tia Lyn.

René Rofé Signature Collection

Above: René Rofé Signature Collection Red Rider Lace-Front Garter Bustier.

International Intimates also wowed buyers at the fashion show with looks from the company’s René Rofé Sexy, René Rofé Signature and Pink Lipstick collections. Most of the the company’s styles also feature plus sizes as well.

Dona by Jo

Above: Dona by Jo booth at ILS.

Once considered a taboo retail item, personal lubricants are gaining mainstream acceptance with brands like Wet on the shelfs of Walgreens and other pharmacies around the US.


Above: J’taime Sensuals by MDScience Lab.

And before some of our readers skip to the next section, it’s important to note that sales in this industry exceeded $200 million annually back in 2013 and have steadily risen since then.

SweetSpot Labs' Gillian Maley and  Vivian Lee-Su

Above: SweetSpot Labs’ Gillian Maley and Vivian Lee-Su.

At ILS, we noticed more high-end personal lubricants like Sweet Spotlabs’ Naked Pleasure, J’taime Sensuals by MDScience Lab and Simone, a personal lubricant from Luz de la Riva Couture Intimate Cosmetics make their debut.

All three offer discreet, feminine and high-end looks to their product’s dispensers and packaging.

Sweet Spot Labs Naked Pleasure

Above: Sweet Spot Labs Naked Pleasure.

SweetSpot’s Naked Pleasure, part of their Liquid Assets line of sexual health products, is a all natural personal lubricant that is pH balanced, paraben-free, latex friendly and silicone free. Naked Pleasure’s 65ml tube sports a clean design and resembles a high-end beauty product.

Luz de La Riva Simone Olivia

Above and from left: Luz de La Riva’s Olivia, arousing nipple cream and Simone, water based lubricant.

Equally elegant was Luz De La Riva’s water-based lubricant named Simone. This lubricant is meant to enhance intimate moments and is offered in two versions – Extra Slick and Hint of Cool.

The former ensures a single application is all that’s necessary and the latter’s natural extracts refreshes skin on contact. Luz De La Riva also offers a variety of beauty and sexual health products and accessories such as striking sterling silver eye masks.

Luz de La Riva Eye Mask

Above: Luz de La Riva Eye Mask.

Of the three brands we’ve mentioned so far, Je T’aime is the only that strictly offers a line of high-end, personal lubricants and arousal gels. The brand’s packaging and point of sale displays are excellent and lend themselves to creative in-store displays.

SweetSpot Labs booth

SweetSpot Labs booth 4 SweetSpot Labs booth 3

But, after days of traveling and trade shows, the last thing on a buyer’s mind is how they’re going to merchandise the products their bringing in from ILS.

Luckily, a few brands, like SweetSpot Labs and System JO, presented their items in creative and store-like settings within their booths to help inspire customers.

The SweetSpot Labs’ team expertly showcased their entire line of sexual health products in their booth which resembled a miniature store front with shelves beautifully displayed.

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Dona by Jo

System JO did a similar job in merchandising their upcoming Dona by Jo collection. At the end of their large booth, an elegant display showcased all of products from this new collection featuring aphrodisiac and pheromone infused massage oils, candles and perfumes alongside shimmer sprays, dusts and body paint amongst other products.

Espiral Booth

One of the most engaging booths at ILS was Espiral’s. This popular intimate apparel brand had a built-in, elevated runway so buyers could see garments on live models. It made for an engaging and entertaining visit for buyers and press. Most importantly, it gave retailers a look visual confirmation of the product’s fit and aesthetics in motion.

Baci Booth

Baci Booth Close Up

Above: Baci Lingerie’s modeling a new item from the brand’s Fetish Collection.

Baci Lingerie, also known for its engaging booths, showcased its new Fetish Collection by dividing its booth in two. One section carried the theme of the new, darker collection while the other showcased more of their mainstream lingerie, accessories and hosiery offerings.

Seven til Midnight Lisa with Model

Above: Seven ’til Midnight’s Lisa with Model.

Seven ’til Midnight’s booth was also set up invitingly at ILS to draw in buyers and even I tried on a pair of bunny ears from their Bunny Business set. The brand’s large booth showcased their current collection and items from the company’s other brands like Spree Intimates and Carrie Amber Intimates.



Above: Ruff Doggie Styles Corset and Kitty Crop.

Finally, some of the most note-worthy items came from pleasure product and accessory brands like Ruff Doggie Styles, and Bubble Love.

Floggers, whips and collars are some of the items offered by NY-based Ruff Doggie Styles. Standard fare at ILS, but what sets Ruff Doggie Styles apart are the brand’s dedication to quality and emphasis fun, sexy and flirty aesthetics.

The brand’s founder, Kris Lynch, says with each product she designs, “she tries to empower the woman to feel sensual, sexy, and pretty in a non-intimidating atmosphere…thus allowing her to be relaxed and open to new experiences.”

Tyes by Tara Madame Tyecuffs

Above:’s Tyes Madame Tyecuffs. showcased their new collection of Tyecuffs – playful restraints made from more wrist friendly materials, including soft, playful marabou and delicate lace. “Tyecuffs have been designed for ladies who desire to flirt with bondage in the bedroom but without the harsh and sometimes intimidating restraint of traditional cuffs.” says Tara Stravinksy, the brand’s founder and designer.

Bubble Love Kim Airs

Above: Bubble Love’s Kim Airs.

Another non-intimidating item we found at ILS was Bubble Love — a submersible, hand-held personal pleasure jet. The toy’s unique shape and all white coloring was unlike anything we’ve seen before and immediately drew us in.

The Bubble Love works by delivering millions of tiny pulsating bubbles to the “right spot” to stimulate and titillate. It is ergonomically engineered and allows users to control the intensity of the massage they want to receive.

Dreamgirl Packaging

Other note-worthy news from ILS included the return of Leg Avenue as an exhibitor; SHE Aftercare’s wonderful collection of sexual health products on display and Coquette’s 30th Anniversary celebration held during ILS.

The next edition of ILS is slated for September 15th – 17th, 2014, (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) and then again March 30th – April 1st, 2015 both at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

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