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This summer, Vicanie’s in Kitchener, ON, added Eucalan’s new POP display to their cash wrap. The brand was testing its new 19” by 19” table top unit packed with bottles of delicate wash, lint removers and stain treating towelettes in hopes that the display would help retailers educate their customers about the product as well as sell more of the brand’s lesser known products.

At the end of a one-month period, the store had increased its sales of Eucalan’s products by 293 percent. An impulse display, like this, puts more products in front of customers and helps increase the average transaction.

So what does it take to create eye-catching displays? Read on to learn what you need to showcase, where to place impulse displays in your store and how to get customers to shop from them.

The key to creating a great impulse display is selecting the right items. Consider price first: Don’t include anything over $20 in a POP display. The customer has to be able to grab the item without stopping to think about it. “If a person is buying a $60 bra, what’s $4 for a wash to care for it if it will help them get better use of that bra,” says Tabatha Fronchak, sales and marketing manager for Eucalan.


“The key to creating a great impulse display is selecting the right items.”

Nannette Rodriguez of Blossom Lingerie in Puerto Rico, carries small accessories like fashion tape and personal wipes that range in price from $1 to $7.99. Her customers are also drawn to the $18 Never Say Never thongs from Cosabella which are packaged in plastic hearts. “People take the thongs as a go-to panty to have in their purse just in case,” she says.

Function is also important when you’re selecting items for impulse displays. “All of our items are functional,” says Fronchak. “The wash is nice to team up with something like panties. Tie it with a ribbon and it’s a nice way to give a gift that people will use.”


“Use displays as magnets to draw customers to different parts of the store, to cross-merchandise and to display important and high profit product,” – Georganne Bender

Find the most prominent spaces in your store to set up impulse displays. “Use displays as magnets to draw customers to different parts of the store, to cross-merchandise and to display important and high profit product,” says Georganne Bender of retail consulting duo, Kizer & Bender Speaking! And don’t neglect your cash wrap. “Put the wall behind your cash wrap to work with a fabulous display of gift items,” says Bender. “You may even want to set up a display within eyeball distance from the checkout; so customers can continue to shop while they wait on line to pay for their purchases.”

Some of the most successful impulse displays include brand logos that customers can easily recognize. Fronchak says that Eucalan’s unique round cap also helps customers spot the display. “The round cap has become part of our branding,” she says. “They show so well on display.”

Rodriguez adds that she always requests display fixtures from the supplier. “I use Cosabella’s display stands, and people always like them because they make the products look like makeup and are very colorful,” she says. “At least, they always spark up conversation about their products.”

If ordering the manufacturer’s display fixtures is not an option, create your own with vintage or found bowls, baskets or dishes. Laura Fitzpartick of Oh Baby Lingerie in Portland, OR, sets small items like pasties or lotions in vintage dishes she finds at antique stores. “We don’t use the manufacturer’s fixtures because we want to make our store look like a boudoir,” she says. “We use glass dishes, candy bowls and plates. I think it makes it less like a sales pitch and more like some fun little thing the customer should try.”

Add signage to the displays to help draw customer’s attention. Fitzpatrick takes a fun approach, writing, “The owner loves this,” to some of her favorite products to tease customers into adding on. Signage also helps educate customers. Use short company descriptions (one to two sentences) for any toys, lotions or washes customers may not already know about. Rodriguez added tented cards provided by the company to a display of Sweet Spot feminine washes. One features the brand’s logo and says, “Intimate Grooming,” in large bold letters that catch the customer’s attention. Two other tented cards have a short product description that can be read quickly.

Once you’ve got your displays set up, speak to your sales staff about talking up add-on items. “I think so many people can have great displays,” says Fitzpatrick, “but sales people need to point them out. Say something like, ‘When’s your anniversary?’ It will get them thinking of another piece to buy.”

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