Inspire Psyche Terry SS17 Collection

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

Women across the US can begin shopping the collection at Macy’s stores nationwide,, & by March 1st, 2017.

Inspire Psyche Terry is an empowering, size inclusive brand designed for the woman who is not afraid of unveiling her inherently sexy, feminine side no matter her size.”

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor

Never missing an opportunity to empower and inspire women from all walks of life, designer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Psyche Terry is harnessing the power of lingerie to continue on her mission of uplifting women everywhere.

Psyche’s debut collection, aptly called Inspire Psyche Terry, like her name, is influenced by tales of Greek mythology and exudes the regal romanticism associated with the ancient goddesses but designed in mind with the “modern day goddess” who is fearless in accomplishing her everyday goals and dreams.

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

Inspire Psyche Terry is an empowering, size inclusive brand designed for the woman who is not afraid of unveiling her inherently sexy, feminine side no matter her size. She knows inside her is divine beauty and strength which she eagerly reflects in her physical being, particularly in the way she clothes herself.

“I designed this line of lingerie and sleepwear to embody extraordinary soul, desire and beauty for today’s modern woman aspiring to greatness and success,” says brand founder and designer Psyche Terry. “I believe that every woman should be inspired to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life no matter what size she is – starting with her lingerie!”

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

A Customer with Attitude

Without being intentionally arrogant, the Inspire Psyche Terry woman is she who believes in herself and her ability to get that which she desires and that her looks, which include her foundation layer, play an essential part in overcoming daily challenges.

According to the brand: “Our Inspire Psyche Terry customer has attitude. She loves the brand because it is empowering to her. She loves the unique styling and usage of Greek influence in the design, but more than anything, she believes in the message of the brand, that wearing Inspire Psyche Terry feels romantic and regal and empowering.”

Like the story of Greek goddess Psykhe, who was forced to overcome a number of seemingly impossible tests and in doing so gained the rewards of eternal love and immortality, brand designer Psyche’s personal story follows a similar path down which she herself overcame the modern day hurdles of being raised in challenging socioeconomic circumstances to become the success that she is today.

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

The collection comes in sizing Small – 4XL and DD – DDD landing at Macy’s stores nationwide and March 1st; orders now accepted at

Despite being compensated with enviable titles including mother, wife, speaker, philanthropist, business woman and “modern day Wonder Woman”, Psyche saw it fitting to add lingerie designer to her list of well-earned accolades. Her SS17 debut collection embodies her irrepressible volcanic ambition to imbibe women with the self-confidence and self-love that she herself has discovered along the way – something that can almost be seen infused into the very fabric of each piece of the collection.

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

Inspired Aesthetics

Employing classic black as its base colorway, Psyche’s debut collection features romantic symmetry, curve defining free drapery, ageless silhouettes, detailed bodices and, of course, an eye for lavish decor displayed through endearing embellishment on both lingerie and sleepwear.

The opening line-up consists of four bra shapes comprising a Dot Mesh Power Plunge, Textured Animal Bold Balconette, Geo Lace Modern Multiway and Long Line Multiway ranging from back sizes 34 to 42 and cup sizes DD to DDD.

Psyche Terry

“I designed this line of lingerie and sleepwear to embody extraordinary soul, desire and beauty for today’s modern woman aspiring to greatness and success,” – Psyche Terry, founder/designer.

Accompanying the lingerie is an attractive array of boudoir sleepwear/loungewear including a lace plunge chemise with built-in bra, three-quarter mesh robe, and an exquisite long gown with integral bralette.

Pulling the collection together is a variety of complementary panty shapes to enhance all manner of feminine curvature. These Inspire Psyche Terry pieces come available in dress sizes 4 to 24.

Although the collection rests mainly on unbeatably beautiful Black, further colours are available in some pieces and include punchy hues such as Tangerine and Raspberry Sorbet and girly shades of White/Bluebell and Macaroon/Petal Pink.

Accessible Price Points

To ensure that her “modern day goddess” has access to their “armour” Psyche’s collection is priced for affordability, ranging from between $36 to $72 and can be purchased from select Macy’s locations,, and of course,

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

In launching her debut collection of Inspire Psyche Terry, Psyche enlisted the help of social influencer, Marie Denee, known for the blog The Curvy Fashionista, in the brand’s photo campaign. Marie fell in love with the collection, expressing that it made her feel the way Psyche wants all women to feel when they wear Inspire Psyche Terry – the power to break free from things that hold them back.

Marie Denee wearing Inspire Psyche Terry

“Even before I saw my pictures, I felt sexy, confident, bold, silly, and playful. All at once. Add to the fact that the lingerie was comfortable and sensual? Listen! What a better way to start my new year, than with a campaign that literally threw me out of my comfort zone, into a new place of self-exploration and confidence.” – Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista (see Marie’s blog for further review on Inspire Psyche Terry).

And if you’ve learnt anything about Psyche Terry, you know that she has all intention of pushing her brand all the way to the top. To this end, she intends to do more fashion shoots and collaborations with industry influencers regarding her debut collection. And, of course, we can look forward to more ranges in the future from Inspire Psyche Terry.

Questions about the Inspire Psyche Terry SS17 Collection?

Contact: Psyche Terry

About Psyche Terry, Designer, Inspire Psyche Terry
Psyche Terry is the Founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of UI Global Brands LLC, a minority and woman-owned company presenting Inspire Psyche Terry as well as Urban Hydration Haircare & Skincare. Born in small-town Michigan and raised by her great aunt, Psyche strove to overcome limited economic circumstances and today is a successful woman, entrepreneur, wife and mother to three children. Through her #GirlsThatRock program, Psyche travels all over the country sharing inspiration and wisdom with high-school girls, encouraging them to believe in their dreams and apply to college. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County, MI and is a member of Project Help Us Give. Additionally, Psyche is a fitness competition body builder, foodie and nutrition enthusiast. Psyche’s new line of Greek-inspired lingerie and sleepwear, “Inspire Psyche Terry,” was created to help women of a wide range of body types feel empowered and beautiful throughout the day. A modern-day Wonder Woman, Psyche is changing how women feel about themselves, from the bra strap on out.

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