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In Search of Style: The Launch of Avery Rose

Instagram has become a “must” for lingerie lovers and independent brands alike. We’re all guilty of spending way too much time scrolling through our feed. One brand that has mastered the art of Instagram is USA-made, Avery Rose Lingerie. With runway-ready #OOTD’s and styling inspiration, @averyroselingerie is the perfect brand to follow for your daily dose of glamour.

Don’t you hate when you see a bra you’re dying to buy but the brand doesn’t list the name or style of the piece, so, you’re stuck scrolling through pages and pages to find the bra you wanted? Well, that is never the case with Avery Rose Lingerie. They let their beautiful photos do the talking and then simply and clearly label the style in the caption so you can find it with ease. This is exactly the case with their romantic lace bralette post from October 22nd. The Abigail is paired with roses, decadent perfume and striking earrings, this post is perfect for date night inspiration.

An Instagram flat lay is perfect for getting me inspired style-wise but the posts of the product on a body really help show you the shape and fit of new styles. The model shot of their Chanelle bralette shows the almost seashell looking lace over the opaque bralette cups which I love because now I know that I can wear this everyday, especially under those cozy sweaters of winter and fall. Avery Rose Lingerie is also an official branding partner of Swarovski and in this post you can see these beautiful crystals on their Chanelle bra delicately arranged on the band of the bralette. This glamorous style is seriously giving me #mermaidvibes.

Too beautiful to hide! The velvet Zoe set is perfectly put together in their October 20th Instagram post. Black lingerie can sometimes be intimidating to style, but I love the boho-inspired post with the silver necklace for a funky and trend-forward approach to lingerie styling. The beautiful sunshine-yellow flowers also bring out the floral velvet print of this bralette and panty set which I may not have notice while glancing at this style on the website!

The Lilly in a rich, sexy merlot shade is shown in all its glory on October 19th. Featured on a bustier model than their Chanelle bralette, you can see how Avery Rose Lingerie works for many cup-sizes. Paired with a black choker and earrings, this post shows you how to vamp it up any day of the week.

My favorite post of the week is the Isabelle. This luxe black velvet style is so glamorous on top of the black silk robe! Here we also get a peak at the beautiful labeling from Avery Rose that comes with all of their delicates. This post gets me so excited for the end of the year holidays, especially New Years’ Eve.

Avery Rose Lingerie is the queen of Instagram. With inspiring and beautiful posts like these, it’s no wonder they have over 11,000 followers. Not only do their Instagram posts provide some much-needed eye-candy for us lingerie addicts, it also provides an easy way to get in touch with your favorite brand and other lingeristas! Comment, like and share with Avery Rose Lingerie to become involved with the lingerie community and see what’s next for this buzz-worthy brand!

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