Interfiliere New York 2019: the Future is Here

Raymond Bono, Owner of Nuprimary at Interfiliere New York 2019. Photo by Asi Efros

Above: Nuprimary’s owner, Raymond Bono, at Interfiliere New York 2019. Photos by Asi Efros.

“Everything we knew about intimates is over and we are rethinking it and taking a new path. Exciting things are happening and a certain freedom of design is emerging…” – Jos Berry, Founder + CEO of Concepts Paris

Interfiliere New York 2019 opened its doors at the River Pavilion in the Javits Jacob Center earlier this month to showcase a vast portfolio of international fabric, trim, and lace manufacturers.

The magnificent River Pavilion, overlooking the Hudson River, captures your imagination with its modern industrial architecture and floor-to-ceiling windows that invite an abundance of light. It was fantastic to see an extended range of participants. New additions to the Interfiliere included companies like an apparel industry publisher, textile design studio Nuprimary, and Nelly Rodi – a consulting agency. In my conversation with Raphael Camp, CEO of Eurovet Americas, he articulated the increased outreach of the Interfiliere, as well as mentioned plans for its continuous expansion.

Interfiliere New York 2019 aisles photo by Asi Efros

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The highlight of the Interfiliere New York 2019 show became a trend presentation by Jos Berry, Founder and CEO of Concepts Paris, a Paris based trend forecasting company. Conveniently for all attending, the presentation was held in the Concept Lounge during the cocktail hour.

“Does everyone have a drink?” asked Jos just before sharing her insights into the incredible transformation in the world of intimates and swimwear.

“Revolution in intimates and swim apparel is coming and like every revolution, it will not be without pain”- said Jos Berry before outlining the most vital processes influencing the intimate and swim industries: innovation, technology, refinement, sustainability, and a crossover of categories.

Interfiliere New York 2019 Concepts Paris Highlights:

Jos Berry at Interfiliere New York photo by Asi Efros

Here are just a few points from her presentation.

    • Refined Cotton yarns are finding a new application in everyday wear, shapewear, and laces.
    • “Flowers are forever” – a premise that brings us closer to nature and garden.
    • A crossover between lingerie, swim, and loungewear functionalities where these categories share textiles, patterns, laces, and embroideries.
    • Sports bra is becoming an item for everyday wear.
    • Lingerie embraces technology transforming into street/athletic attire.
    • Graphic patterns and textures are key.

Innovation and sustainability were topics of the Innovation Forum discussion with speakers like Stephanie Benedetto from Queen of Raw, Egemen Izci from Lululemon, Laura Madden from Brooks Running, and Chris Moor from Digital Printing Solutions. The mediator on the panel was Stephanie Muhlenfeld , Owner+Founder of The Squad.

Sharing a wealth of knowledge on how to make a business sustainable, they also conveyed the insights on the latest technological and biochemical innovations making it possible.

Interfiliere New York 2019 Panel Discussion photo by Asi Efros

At the Swim+Sport+Innovation Hub, organized by LIM College, students presented organic, recycled, and biodegradable fabrics as well as shared results of their research on how to create a sustainable fashion brand from sourcing to marketing.

Interfiliere New York 2019 Stand Out Brands

Here are a few Interfiliere New York 2019 participants that garnered my attention:

Iluna Group

Iluna Group photo by Asi Efros
Iluna – the largest European lace producer began introducing recycled polyester and nylon yarns to their lace development in 2015. That innovation quickly transformed into a company-wide strategy.

Now the Iluna Group is one of the first European lace producers receiving the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) accompanied by the STEP certification (Sustainable Textile Production by Oeko – Tex). Iluna’s Green Label collection focuses on the responsible innovation strategy even further by using smart yarns like Q-Nova by Fulgar and Roica Eco-Smart.

For the achievements in the field of “Ethical” manufacturing of lace and stockings Iluna is now acknowledged in the Sustainable Thinking Exhibition of the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum.

Thanks to Iluna’s dedicated efforts they achieved fantastic results evident in the quality, luxurious hand-feel, elegant modern designs and even flawless eyelashes none of which was possible even a few years ago.

Their crown achievements that debuted at the Interfiliere are 1) Black Label, a range of the ultralight multicolor laces and 2) a capsule of garments for the contemporary athleisure wardrobe produced usinga completely traceable supply chain, from yarns to the finished garments.

Visit Iluna’s website for more information:


Solstiss photo by Asi Efros
“We are still using 100-year-old Leavers machines to manufacture our laces” – explained Francois Damide, President of Solstiss, a French company that creates magnificent Leavers laces for Haut Couture, Bridal, RTW and Lingerie. For their dedication to the continuity of this old trade and excellence in craftsmanship, Solstiss is being honored in the “Haute Dentelle” exhibition taking place in Calais, France.

Encrusted with sparkling gems the Soltiss’s fine Leavers styles are eye-catching and favored by American designers focused on high-end Lingerie and Nightwear collections like Taryn Winters.

In a few weeks Solstiss will be launching their highly anticipated Organic Cotton lace collection. As they were naturally thick with short staple making them impractical for the Leavers machines, Organic Cotton yarns received a complete makeover. These new yarns were specifically engineered to be durable and thin enough to run in time-defying equipment:


Saraxy beachwear sample photo by Asi Efros
Saraxy is a Colombian textile manufacturer specializing in 4-way stretch textiles for Active and Swim wear owned by Marcelo Calle.

10 years ago when Marcelo’s father closed his factory due to the political turmoil in neighboring Venezuela, Marcello had to take over the business. Marcelo is a second-generation factory owner who transformed a traditional textile mill into a modern design LAB and a state of the art manufacturing facility.

His company produces printed knits using the digital sublimation printing method and one-of-a-kind textured knits. Saraxy specializes in catering to the needs of the Indi designers and start-up brands by shipping orders as small as one roll (40 yards) of fabric. Saraxy has already established its position in Columbia and now debuts at the Interfiliere New York presenting its vibrant textiles to the American clients. Learn more about Saraxy at

New to the Interfiliere is a Brooklyn based print house Nuprimary which caters to all levels; from the high-street design houses and stores to small independent designers. All prints are created in house by a team of talented craftsmen who combine the art of hand-rendering with the deep knowledge of printing technology. All artwork is available on their website:

These are a few highlights of the latest Interfiliere New York 2019 exhibition which is always a celebration of knowledge, talent, craftsmanship, and artistic expression. Eurovet America is planning more exciting events for us in 2020.

Until then…Asi Efros.

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