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Interfilière hosts international trade fairs for intimates and beachwear fabrics. They have always worked hard to support innovation by encouraging the development of new technologies such as with their new focus on cosmetic textiles.

Cosmetic textiles use a new concept for transferring active cosmetic or pharmaceutical ingredients onto the skin called microencapsulation. This technology has been used by other industries such as space and medical, but only in recent years has it been developed for commercial use in the apparel industry. By placing a thin polymer coating onto the textiles the cosmetic substances can be released under a controlled condition in order to perform and specific function. There are many advantages to using this technology such as the ability to control the time release of the skin care products and the ability to isolate the ingredients from external environments.

Thanks to the influence and expansion of the shapewear and slimming market, microencapsulation technology is finally being brought into the limelight. As a result, Interfilière Paris, in collaboration with the Fédération de la maille et de la lingerie, is taking an interest in this high-potential, growing sector and hosting an International symposium.

International Symposium July 7th-9th
Saturday July 7th at 4:30pm and 5:30pm at the conference room in Pavilion 1 several topics will be covered to give insight into the growing cosmetic textiles sector. The agenda includes identifying “cosmetic textiles,” semantic analysis, products available on the market and their performance, and consumer expectations and requirements. Several well-established brands such as Eurojersey and Skin up will be in attendance to offer their knowledge and expertise.

Interactive Information Centre and Think-Tank
In addition to the talks, specialists on microencapsulation manufacturing and legislative issues and certification will be available to meet visitors during the three-day show.

“Cosmetic Textiles” Tour
This tour will provide visitors an opportunity to gain an overview of the exhibitors involved in the cosmetic textiles sector. Exhibitors will include companies producing fabrics for Interfilière Paris and finished products for Mode City.

Full Gallery

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