International Lingerie Show Summer 2016 Recap

Tia Lyn Lingerie at the ILS Show

Above: Tia Lyn Lingerie.

“What tower are you in?”


“I’m in Masquerade. See you at the iBar!”

If you’ve ever walked through the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas while the International Lingerie Show (ILS) unfolds, you’ve probably heard some form of that interaction. It’s emblematic of what the show is all about: a place for buyers and brands connect on the booth floor and beyond.

And after 15 years, ILS ended its run at the Rio last month. The show makes its move to the Westgate Hotel (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton) next to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the next edition that runs from April 3 – 5, 2017.

Terri Lyn K Bridal at the ILS Show

Above: Terri Lyn K Bridal.

This summer’s trade event showcased an ILS in transition with memorable firsts, changes and a promise for improvements from the show organizers.

Euroskins booth at ILS

Above: Euroskins booth.

For several years, ILS visitors instinctually understood that Monday evening was Fashion Show night. This summer, tradition was turned around and ILS hosted a Meet & Greet cocktail hour party where buyers and brands mingled and enjoyed food and drinks in a patio area just outside the exhibition space.

ILS Breakfast Fashion Runway Show

Rene Rofe at the ILS Breakfast Fashion Show

“I think they’re doing a great job, honestly. I think they’ve been really good about listening to people and the changes that people have suggested.” – Kimberly Maty-Schneider, Entrenue.

The next morning, ILS debuted its Breakfast Fashion Show in the Amazon Ballroom. Buyers and guests were served breakfast and models showcased 30+ looks from brands like Tia Lyn Lingerie, Rene Rofe, Jackie G-String, Rago and Terilyn K Bridal amongst others.

Like last summer’s fashion show, it was a chance for guests to see styles up close with models weaving between tables.

Seven 'til Midnight Trend Seminar

Above: Vinh Luong of Seven ’til Midnight going over trends at her seminar during the ILS Show.

After the Breakfast event, buyers went back to the main show area where they could see more booths or attend seminars that went over subjects like “Translating Lingerie Trends to Sales by Seven ’til Midnight or “Capture the Curvy” by Tia Lyn of Tia Lyn Lingerie.

Oh La La Cheri at ILS

Above: Oh La La Cheri booth.

Buyer & Exhibitor Reaction

It was a slower show with fewer exhibitors and lighter foot traffic, but many exhibitors still reported a good experience with the show.

Curvy Kate booth at ILS

Above: Curvy Kate.

“It’s been good for me because the people that are in here are buyers. They are new people,” said Jenny Nielson of Curvy Kate. “So I have already opened up three new accounts which is very good for me. So I’m happy with the show so far.”

“My impression is it’s a good show. It’s not as many vendors as they had in the past and I’m kind of disappointed but I’m having pretty good luck finding the items that I want,” said Janice Eret of LNK Outlet.

Pastease POS Display

Above: Pastease debuted a wonderful POS Display at ILS.

Josh Porter, Director of Special Projects at Romantix, also noted that the show was slower and sparser noting that, “We’ll get through this in one day as opposed to the two and half that we usually require. So it’ s obvious that there’s a big change that happened.”

The change he’s referring to is the break away of about a dozen brands earlier this year that decided to opt out of the summer ILS Show. Which is why this edition of ILS had fewer exhibitors.

“Moving forward, I think the two groups need to work together and get everyone in one location. Trying to do this in two spots is going to be a nightmare.” noted Josh.

Looking towards 2017, ILS’ Michael Moreira said networking events, business seminars and runway shows are all slated to return to the show at its new location at the Westgate.

Baci Lingerie Booth at the ILS Show

Above: the Baci Lingerie booth.

“Unlike the Rio, this hotel has newly decorated hotel rooms, many restaurants, and enough entertainment to please everyone,” said Michael of the new venue. “And the exhibit space is a lot closer to the hotel.

The changes are in response to buyer and exhibitor feedback and ILS is working on improving the show experience for all attendees.

NuBra at ILS

Above: Nubra model with Daren Peng.

Erin Sue of suggested ILS recruit new brands just starting off and trying to get out there as a way to add more brand diversity.

In speaking with the show organizers at the show and in the past, you can expect them to add new intimate apparel and pleasure product brands for 2017. The benefit to the ILS Show is that buyers are able to find a huge spectrum of companies at all price points for their customers.

Tony Lam of iCollection with Buyers

Above: Tony Lam of iCollection Lingerie with buyers.

For buyers and brands interested in the next edition, ILS launches at the Westgate from April 3 – 5, 2017 and again August 28 – 30, 2017.

“I’m looking forward to it. I know the international show has been at the Rio for quite some time and I’m very happy to be a part of the last show that we’re going to have but I’m also looking forward to the brand new show that we’re going to have,” said Teri Ketchens of Terri Lyn K Bridal.

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