Interview with Designer Ipek Kiramer

Ipek Kiramer Designer Spotlight

“From the beginning, I’ve created garments in the name of love.” – Ipek Kiramer.

One of the world’s most luxurious, seductive and artistic lingerie and loungewear brands is coming to the Lingerie Selection this weekend – Ipek Kiramer.

The brand’s founder and designer, Ipek Kiramer, has created and produced over 7,000 styles of intimates for women around the globe. Today, we’re excited to share our interview with Ipek in preparation for her brand’s showcase at the Lingerie Selection from July 30 – 31, 2018.

Q&A with designer Ipek Kiramer

Ipek Kiramer, designer and founder of her self-named brand

“To me, a self-name brand means years of hard work and great determination…It requires great integrity to carry your name as your brand.”

Ipek, for our readers who might not be familiar with your brand, could you tell us a little bit about what Ipek Kiramer is all about?

The inspiration for my brand came to me from my mother’s imported lingerie in the late 1970s. Those days, it was rare to find beautifully made lingerie in Turkey. So I decided to go ahead and make some for the beautiful women of my country.

From the beginning, I’ve created garments in the name of love. I appreciate old Hollywood-style glamor, and also high quality standards in the garments I wear, so I’ve applied those to my own brand as well. Over the course of last three decades, I’ve created and produced more than 7,000 styles of luxurious lingerie and loungewear for exquisite women.

Ipek Kiramer Designer Spotlight

Could you tell us a little bit about your artistic background and how you started designing lingerie?

In lingerie, I combine hard work with love. I’m a self-made designer. I studied stage acting in school. I used to sing jazz songs and dance professionally. I became a designer thanks to these artistic abilities. Now I’m dancing, singing and acting on my own stage as Ipek Kiramer!

Ipek Kiramer Designer Spotlight

You cite the brand’s four main focuses – bright colours, romance, sportive and glamour. Why are these qualities so important for you and the brand?

When I design, I think about what a woman would want the most. Some (or most!) days are all about romance. Glamour is a huge part of my life. Some days you need that extra support or comfort for working out or just lounging. And bright colors pick up my mood. I always keep a woman’s psyche in mind. That is why my designs are extraordinary and elegant.

Ipek Kiramer Designer Spotlight

“When I look into myself, artistic flair comes from my heart and my soul.”

What is it about lingerie that inspires you?

Lingerie makes women feminine and stylish. I feel my body in my soul when I wear beautiful lingerie.

Ipek Kiramer Designer Spotlight

Where do you look to when you need artistic/creative inspiration?

When I look into myself, artistic flair comes from my heart and my soul. Also, I travel around the world to see lingerie. I go to watch cabarets, visit museums, listen to concerts and always pay attention to attractive people on the street wherever I go.

Why was it important for you to have a self-named brand?

To me, a self-name brand means years of hard work and great determination. To put your name forward as a brand name, it means you are willing to do whatever it takes to take your name higher and higher as you grow your business. It requires great integrity to carry your name as your brand.

Ipek Kiramer

If you had to pick just one piece to represent your artistic achievements, what would that piece be?

I would pick one of my silk evening dresses, very feminine and minimal. I love achieving minimalist glamour by using high-quality materials in a feminine silhouette.

Ipek Kiramer Designer Spotlight

Ipek, could you tell us a little bit about the collections you’ll be showcasing at the Lingerie Selection?

I’ve always wanted women to wear designs outside of the home as well. My collection at the Lingerie Collection represents this style, which you can pair with accessories to wear day and night.

How do you suggest retailers merchandise and showcase your collection at their boutique and on their website?

I prefer to have my garments touched and felt rather than seen. That is why I would suggest retailers to put them where customers can feel the texture of the silk . I also prefer to be seen rather than being read. So I hope to meet you in person in New York at the end of July!

Meet with Designer Ipek Kiramer

For more information about Ipek Kiramer, buyers should email the brand’s US representative, Hande Oynar:

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