Interview with Jessie Zinke Part Two The Creative Process

I am fascinated with art and the creative process that goes into creating art.

Watching an artist organize tubes of watercolor or lay out tools in her studio is inspiring because I know that within moments something great is going to happen.

This doesn’t happen every day.

So it is a real treat to listen to an artist like Jessie Zinke of Zinke talk about her creative process. An even bigger treat is being invited into her studio to watch it.

In part one of our video interview with Jessie we learned about the inspiration behind their new collection, Collins Avenue.

For part two, Jessie talks about a normal day at the Zinke studios and her creative process.

We hope you find some inspiration of your own in this video. Enjoy!

Did you miss Part 1 of the interview? No problem here’s the link to our lingerie designer interview with Jessie Zinke:

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