Interview with Niki: the Creative Designer of Made by Niki Lingerie

Niki McMorrough at Hong Kong PolyU

by Cliff, editor of Global Intimate Wear

Profile: Ms. Niki McMorrough trained in Contour Fashion at De Montfort University, Lingerie Design in order to launch her lingerie brand in 2006. She also has a degree in European Studies and a 10 year award-winning career in marketing and journalism.

McMorrough has been a driving force in the promotion of shapewear as a fashionable category since 2007. Relatively new to the industry, her fresh viewpoint has hit a chord with real women, rock stars and supermodels such as Naomi Campbell, KT Tunstall and Victoria Beckham. She was the designer behind ‘Jolies Rondes’ (Paris SIL trend concept in 2008), is stocked in 100 of the world’s finest stores and is regularly featured in the global fashion press.

Globalintimatewear: What’s your main design idea in your brand?

Niki: Made by Niki is a fashion lingerie brand creating beautiful, elegant power-lingerie for busy women who need stylish solutions which really lift and support their body comfortably.

Globalintimatewear: What are your favorites when you are free? And what makes your design inspiration?

Niki: I am very rarely free! I spend most of my time working and researching for our collections, so that they are the very best they can be. If I get time, I like seeing my friends, listening to music, travelling and good food.

Globalintimatewear: What’s your opinion on shapewear design and market?

Niki: I think a lot of Shapewear is not even designed! Much of it is inspired by a technological innovation, but not necessarily linked into what a woman really wants in her life. It’s really important for Shapewear companies to remember to be inspired and let this show through in the garments, even if it’s in a really subtle way. I think technological innovations should only be used on the product if they enhance the design idea and comfort. For instance, consumers don’t actually care whether something is ‘seam free’ or what % lycra it contains, but they do care about buying beautiful products that fit their lifestyle, their body and the occasion they are buying it for.

Globalintimatewear: What’s the design trend of this fall and winter in your products?

Niki: This fall and winter, we have 2 ‘stories’. One, called String, is inspired by anatomy, flesh and skin – it’s not a Shapewear line at all, more a fun boudoir accessory which drapes and accentuates the body beautifully. The 2nd, called ‘Feel’ is quite ‘Madmen’ inspired, but tailored especially for winter in a power-Modal fabric which is super-soft to touch, and uses stretch lace, quilted details and feature zippers.

Globalintimatewear: What are your suggestions for the Chinese shapewear designers?

Niki: Don’t look to what European Shapewear designers are doing and copy – it’s already too late if you do that, and might not be appropriate for your market. Take your own original inspiration and put these into your designs, remember the customer’s wants and needs, and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t be proud to wear.

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