Intimate Apparel Market Week Calendar Set

Hanro Summer Moods

Above: the Hanro showroom in NYC.

The Underfashion Club (UFC) announced that it will now be responsible for setting the market week calendar and has set the dates for the next three years.

“Taking responsibility for setting market week dates is a highly positive initiative for the UFC. We have become an organization that is relied on for networking, ideas, information, and supporting the future of the industry with student scholarships, grants and internships. This is yet another way we are able to further support and engage our members and the intimate apparel marketplace,” says Victor Vega, president of the Underfashion Club.

Intimate Apparel Market Week Dates


February February 1 – 5
May May 2 – 6
August August 1 – 5
November October 31 – November 4


February January 30 – February 3
May May 1 – 5
August July 31 – August 4
November October 30 – November 3


February February 5 – February 9
May April 30 – May 4
August July 30 – August 3
November October 29 – November 2

About The Underfashion Club
The Underfashion Club is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization established to provide Intimate Apparel Industry leaders with a forum to exchange information and ideas, and support the Intimate Apparel market as a vital aspect of the fashion industry through its ongoing commitment to support the education of new talent. For additional information, please contact the Underfashion Club at 845.758.6405, or visit

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