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Introducing Cheryl Warner

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Hello, I’m Cheryl Warner and I’m delighted to be writing for The Lingerie Journal. I am an amateur but passionate blogger from the UK writing primarily to raise awareness for young women about the need for good fitting, healthy body image and a more knowledge-based approach to their under crackers.

As a researched and practiced fitter of lingerie, I began fitting friends and family and was insistently told that I should make my services more widely available; and what more perfect way to do this than through social media. I created lingerie blog Invest in Your Chest in October last year after becoming more and more aware of the global issue of appalling fitting, customer service and products available to bigger-busted women.

I am currently studying my undergraduate degree in English Literature at Royal Holloway University of London, graduating later this year.

Having been researching professional fitting techniques for quite a few years, achieving great feedback and unprecedented thanks for my help and know-how I decided to expand my potential audience by creating my blog as I feel it is vital that women learn the importance of fitting and become more aware of what a correct-fitting bra feels and looks like. I have had unbelievable feedback from readers thanking me for offering my tips, knowledge and advice about bra fitting, product reviews and confidence-boosting features. The recent introduction of a blog forum allows readers to interact and share their own tips and opinions, as well as easily contact me directly with their problems.

“To the readership of The Lingerie Journal I believe I represent a more customer-friendly eye, an insight into the young teenage and adult market,” Cheryl Warner

As most of my readers seem to be young adult females (as well as being one myself) I feel that my expertise currently specializes in this field. Through my investigative pieces and product reviews I have aimed to give advice to my readers about certain specialist as well as high-street brands; understanding, of course, that many of my readers will be students or young people and therefore will be restricted to a budget. I personally believe that although high-end lingerie (like any other high-end product) is often superior in quality, yet I see no reason why attractive great-fitting lingerie in a decent array of sizes cannot be more readily available to a mass market.

As a UK 28FF, I have personally experienced the pitfalls and drawbacks of having what is widely believed to be an ‘awkward size’. Sometimes forced into adjusting my own underwear in order to wear styles I want, I have been on the receiving end of the lack of choice and variety for women with this problem. More often than not we must buy our underwear online, which can be demoralizing and off-putting, as well as denying us girls the vital trying-on process. I have witnessed the terrible fitting services of many high-street retailers and ultimately (with improved public awareness) would love to help women understand that their fitting experience should be based on trust between the customer and an expertly trained fitter, and finding the right fitter will boost not only your bust, but your confidence. In my experience the substandard fitting services means that this problem is far more widely spread than current statistics suggest, and I believe the only way to overcome this is by increasing levels of both consumer and retailer awareness.

To the readership of The Lingerie Journal I believe I represent a more customer-friendly eye, an insight into the young teenage and adult market, as well as reinforcing the need for lingerie manufacture in ‘awkward sizes’. I am a firm believer that the key to a successful lingerie business is listening to the needs of your customers: with demand of sizes, designs and incorporating fashion trends. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to email me at: [email protected]

6 Responses to “Introducing Cheryl Warner”
  1. Kelly Parks says:

    Hi Cheryl, congratulations on becoming the new blogger!

    I totally agree with the importance of a good fit! Too many times have I purchased what I thought was my size, only to find that after a few hours, I have overspill/digging in under the arms, loose band, etc…

    Have you ever had a fitting experience that hasn’t gone in the following way:

    1.The fitter asks which size you usually wear.
    2. The fitter measures you
    3. The fitter tells you “well, you’re coming up as a (e.g) 34DD but you’re obviously not”.
    4. They bring in a variety of bras, one in the size you measured at, the rest in the size you usually wear!

    I must admit, I’ve not found *too* much of an issue finding nice bras to fit over the past 5 years or so, but my issues are more concerning little niggly things, like the cups starting too close to the armpits, causing rubbing, the straps being far too long-let’s face it, if you’re a 28FF, you’re going to be of a petite build.

    I read on a poster in a fitting room saying that this particular company fits their bras on at least 8 people before sending out to the production line. 8 is NOT enough! They need at least a few women in each SIZE before approving!

    Rant over ;)

  2. Welcome Cheryl to TLJ! Looking forward in reading your articles, you’re covering a very needed topic, that’s excellent! xo

  3. Welcome - we look forward to reading your informative articles on lingerie from another angle.

  4. Laila Al-Ali says:

    This will make changes to lingerie, bras really can fit every shape and size.

  5. Laila Al-Ali says:

    This will make big difference to the lingerie world and all the women out there searching hours for bra that fits.

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