Introducing Fab Retail Advice by Ali Cudby

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We’re excited to introduce an exclusive new feature by Ali Cudby called Fab Retail Advice. Each month, Ali will delivery quick insights and tips to help retailers improve their retail business.

We also encourage retailers to download a copy of Ali’s new eBook, 7 Steps to Boost Your Lingerie Business.

Is Your Business Losing Sales? Focus on Messaging.

In this introductory video, Ali gives us quick insights into why a lingerie business might be losing sales and it has to do with messaging.

“Too many lingerie businesses lose sales because they aren’t clear in their messaging. From the products you sell to the employees that serve, your customer should get a consistent message from every interaction they have with your business,” states Ali.

If you enjoyed this video, stay tuned for more episodes of Fab Retail Advice. We’ll post the videos here on the Lingerie Journal and our YouTube page, so stay tuned each month for new episodes. And here’s a quick link to download Ali’s eBook:


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