Introducing Lalita: Luxury Lingerie For Women Who Dare

Introducing Lalita

The newly-launched Lalita brand was born when founder Rena Andrews had the idea to design a luxurious box for displaying your most opulent accessories, with a lingerie -inspired garter clip closure. Picturing a photoshoot where the box would be overflowing with seductive wearable goodies, she set to work creating some complementary products. As she designed them, a debut collection naturally began to take shape.

Andrews now focuses on Lalita full-time. Although she has always had an entrepreneurial flair, she didn’t initially plan on working in the fashion industry. With a background in acting and then in private tutoring, it was only when she took up pole-dancing as a side hobby that the idea for Lalita was truly sparked.

Introducing Lalita

“A great source of inspiration was years of watching women discover and explore their tremendous power and freedom through dance, combined with self-expression through their lingerie and accessories,” recalls Andrews. A desire to inspire and empower women has always been one of her priorities in life. Originally it was through education, and now it’s via clothing and accessories that help women to discover their own “inner strength, beauty, and power.”

As for what inspired the designs themselves, that garter clip detail from the original box is a key element of many Lalita pieces. It shows up repeatedly through the collection, from the clasp of a leather wrist cuff to the side of a strappy boyshort.

Introducing Lalita

It’s also the defining feature of what Andrews believes (as do I) are the key pieces from the range—the garter tank tops. Available in smooth or ribbed fabric, it’s a basic, everyday tank top from the bust down. But at the shoulders, eye-catching double straps in a choice of studded or satin elastic are anchored in place by silver garter tabs.

Introducing Lalita

A seductive twist on a wardrobe staple, it’s the kind of top you can wear under a blazer to the office, then use to make a bold impression when you reveal it in full during post-work drinks at the bar.

This is the type of versatility that Andrews is pushing for with all of her designs. A pair of earrings, for example, instantly transform from daytime elegance to nighttime glamour with the addition of detachable, leather tassels. An adjustable choker doubles up as a garter for the boudoir. And a reversible cuff features sophisticated purple suede on one side or black lambskin leather on the other for when you crave something a bit more edgy and erotic. There are also ‘body garters’, strappy waist pieces that could be worn over clothing as a statement belt.

Introducing Lalita

The Lalita ethos of empowerment extends to more than just aesthetics. After all, it’s hard to feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing if it isn’t actually comfy. “Each of our pieces literally feels good on you,” says Andrews. “The materials are soft and supple, and many of our pieces are fully adjustable to fit everybody.”

Step with Us into the World of Lalita from Lalita on Vimeo.

The tank tops, briefs and thongs are made from super-soft bamboo fabric and don’t feature any elastic along the hems and waistbands. Andrews was keen to ensure that there was no chance of straps or edges cutting in. The bamboo, she says, molds to your body and feels like a second skin. It’s also naturally breathable and anti-microbial to keep you cool when things get hot. It’s eco-friendly, too.

Introducing Lalita

At its essence, the Lalita brand is designed for the woman who is comfortable in her own skin—or who’d like a helping hand to feel that way. It’s for the woman who dresses first and foremost for her own pleasure, not to gratify someone else. And it’s for the woman who appreciates timeless quality and craftsmanship; alongside the bamboo, Lalita uses real Italian leather and sterling silver chains to create a thoroughly premium product.

Lalita is handmade in Los Angeles, CA. The size range covers XS to 2XL, with the Strappy Bamboo Bralette available in three cup sizes that all have a fully-adjustable band and straps. Certain pieces are only available through a custom order to ensure a perfect fit.

Prices for the lingerie items retail from $45 for a garter through to $275 for the Corset Back Garter Top. The Leather Series collection of accessories costs between $95 and $750, and at the truly luxury end of the spectrum, the Sterling Series jewelry collection is priced between $150 and $3,000.

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