Introducing Ms A: a range of lingerie for transgender women and all who identify as female


Bok Goodall and Winn Austin, friends and business associates of longstanding, are embarking on a project which could not be more relevant to our times.

The duo, both of whom have enjoyed distinguished careers in the fashion industry, are collaborating and combining their joint experience to develop a range of lingerie for transgender women and all who identify as female. The brand – Ms A – will launch on March 31st 2020 – Transgender Day of Visibility. The range will include carefully considered solutions and beautifully crafted lingerie pieces.

Catering for the transgender market sector is something Bok and Winn share a passion for and have discussed for some time. They are confident that the time is right for Ms A.

Bok has created memorable collections as a lingerie designer and has also consulted on brand development for a range of lingerie brands in the UK and US.

She says: “We want Ms A the be the very best it can be and for this to happen we require to work closely with the Transgender community. We are already in consultation with Transgender individuals and organizations who represent them. We need the look, feel and tone of our range to chime properly before we go live.”

Austin adds, “I am excited and elated to be involved in the development and launch of Ms A which caters for a long over-looked and underserved market sector.”

The design duo are also working closely with a development house, ensuring that construction and fit is perfected and that a spectrum of factors is taken into consideration before Ms A launches.

Several UK and US retailers have expressed great interest in stocking the brand at launch.

Working closely with the LGBTQ community Winn and Bok are developing the launch collection to include pieces that are really wanted and needed by the customer. They will also hope to work with appropriate organizations so that Ms A can give something back to the Transgender community. Swimwear and further solutions will follow for Spring 2021.

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