Introducing The Lingerie Goddess

Margaret Shrum

Margaret Shrum aka The Lingerie Goddess is a NYC-based Fine Lingerie Expert & Personal Shopper with over two decades of hands-on experience styling and fitting thousands of women in lingerie. Her compassionate and feminine approach has attracted a following of women who are also interested in embracing and owning their unique beauty with lingerie through her company She also offers women a free online Lingerie Circle Community where women can participate in her 30 Day Lingerie Diet Challenge and purchase her Ebook, Secrets of The Lingerie Diet.

The Art of Mastering Fine Lingerie

Hi, I’m Margaret Shrum and I’ve had a lifelong love affair with fine lingerie and all things beautiful & feminine! A lover of luxury, I was fortunate to receive my Fine Lingerie PhD. from spending over a decade working specifically in lingerie at Barneys New York & briefly at La Perla on Madison Avenue in my 20’s. Being exposed to the most exclusive lingerie lines and being part of a trend setting high fashion company that introduced fine lingerie designers like Carine Gilson, Daniel Hanson, Andra Gabrielle, Collette Dinnigan, Kristina Ti, Grazia Lliani, Prada lingerie, Jil Sander daywear and more was both fascinating and educational.

Yes, it was as just as exciting and enchanting as it sounds!

My entire life revolved around merchandising, buying, selling, fitting and selecting the most exclusive lingerie for celebrities as well as the most fashionable women who shopped on Madison Avenue. It was incredible for me, a young fashionista from San Diego, to be living her dream and completely exposed to all of that decadence!

Despite my budget, I was able to build quite the extensive lingerie wardrobe for myself. I wore Hanro of Switzerland fine mercerized cotton panties, bras & camisoles for casual wear, Princess Tam Tam  & La Perla for every day and Collete Dinnigan for going out! Yes it was glamorous then and that was before I had a child, got divorced and re-invented myself several times. One thing is for sure, my luxury lingerie habit is an investment that I still continue to enjoy and that I teach women about today in my 40’s.

As a Fine Lingerie Personal Shopper, I have taught thousands of women of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds how to create the lingerie wardrobe of their dreams. I teach women about quality vs. quantity and of course how to ensure proper fit.

My mission is to empower women to learn how to shop for lingerie and have a more intimate understanding of what flatters and fits best for their particular shape. I believe that all women who want to learn this skill, can do it if they are willing to take the time research, explore and prioritize. I call it assess, undress and debut. One thing is certain, once a woman goes through her own “Lingerie Rite of Passage”, she understands that she can indulge in this practical yet luxurious practice of adorning her body with beautiful lingerie every day.

“With a keen eye for detail and quality I believe that I can help lingerie businesses go from good to great!” – Margaret Shrum

Taking women shopping for lingerie is a very intimate experience, to say the least! I have heard every story, complaint, excuse, challenge, obstacle and plenty of feedback about lingerie from a very diverse range of women shoppers. I have a huge base of information to share with the retailers, wholesalers, designers, advertisers and marketers about what women really love, what they hate and how to fill some important gaps in the lingerie market.

I’m looking forward to sharing my wealth of knowledge and experience with the hopes of creating a very user friendly shopping experience for all women to purchase and wear beautiful lingerie each and every day.

With a keen eye for detail and quality I believe that I can help lingerie businesses go from good to great! Each month I will be writing about topics that are brought to my attention from women who are out shopping for lingerie. Also, if you have any lingerie questions for me, please email

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