Introducing The Power of Lace by Katrina Eugenia

The Power of Lace with Katrina Eugenia; photograph by Michael Creagh

(photographs by Michael Creagh)

“A girl’s lingerie should be just as thought out as the clothes she wears over it. It should be empowering, yet calming, and it should provide confidence, serving as armor against a negative self-image,” Katrina Eugenia

The Power of Lace, a new monthly column from the perspective of model and artist Katrina Eugenia, launches this July offering insight on comfort, functionality, practicality, and advice about what it is like to live in certain lingerie.

By concentrating on one designer at a time, wearing only their garments over the course of a month, Katrina will provide an intimate review of exactly what it is like to live in their designs on a daily basis.

When asked what inspired Katrina’s love of living in lace and her passion for helping us decode the multitude of lingerie  brands out there this is what she had to say:

“Whether or not we would like to admit it, and some of us certainly like to admit it more than others, subconsciously, our undergarments have more of an impact on our mood and energy than we realize. We think that just because it is underneath, it doesn’t matter, but we all know that it is what is on the inside that truly matters most. How you feel in your underwear can determine your very social behavior. It is vital that what you wear underneath be fitting and conducive to your mood, energy, and the day’s events.  A girl’s lingerie should be just as thought out as the clothes she wears over it. It should be empowering, yet calming, and it should provide confidence, serving as armor against a negative self-image.”

Katrina Eugenia photograph by Michael Creagh

“I see articles and columns on where to shop, solutions for flat chests and large breasts, brand descriptions, and body issues. What I don’t see is a column that gets down to brass tacks, describing what it is like to simply exist in different garments, explaining how the lingerie actually feels. I wanted a column that would answer my most pending questions: Why do you want to wear that garment on the most sacred parts of your body? How does it make you feel? What happened to you when you wore a particular bra? How did it effect your day?”

Katrina Eugenia

What is sure to be a vulnerable and honest column, Katrina will describe the profound truth of what it is like to be a young girl embracing pure, elegant, femininity while simultaneously being entrenched in a world driven by power and image; relentlessly refusing to compromise femininity in order to be taken seriously all while loving the lingerie she is in. Look out for Katrina’s new column next month and see if you too can be inspired to be a leader in lace while learning about different designers and their products.

Please check back with us next month for Katrina’s first article.
Editor’s note: photographs by Michael Creagh

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Katrina Eugenia; photograph by Michael Creagh

5 Comments on “Introducing The Power of Lace by Katrina Eugenia

  1. julie mollo says:

    what a hottie this katrina is! very much looking forward to this column!

  2. Walker Muse says:

    This sounds and looks like the best thing that’s happened to the world of lingerie that I have ever seen!

    This website just got a new fan.


  3. Carroll says:

    I think this could be a very beneficial column for most women.

    Getting a review by a model is even more impressive.

    I hope she will cover lots of brands.

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