Ipomia Lingerie Collection

Ipomia Lingerie Collection

Like a flower morphing through different stages of growth, a woman’s body goes through many changes in her lifetime. And like that flower that has weathered time and season, she is expected to evolve into something beautiful.

But there are times, whether it’s a flower or a woman’s form, that mother nature needs a helping hand if something beautiful and worthwhile is to come about.

It is this train of thought that led Swedish entrepreneur Cecilia Kadar to create her post surgery lingerie brand, Ipomia, for women whose bodies were given a helping hand by undergoing breast implant surgery, something that she herself experienced.

The name Ipomia is inspired by the Morning Glory plant with the Latin name Ipomoea, which is translated as “attach myself to you”, stemming from the wrapping effect of the leaves that cover and protect the flower. Like the leaves of the Morning Glory, Cecilia desires that her lingerie attaches perfectly and lovingly to a woman’s enhanced shape, making her feel comforted, supported and reinvented – like she can face the world again in her rightful splendour.

Ipomia Lingerie Collection

Ipomia provides gorgeous European-inspired, figure-flattering lace adorned bra sets alongside recovery and sports styles in sizes from B to DDDD/F, for the woman transitioning through her post-surgical procedure. Band sizes start from 30 and go up to 36 with some styles going to 38.

For Cecilia, like so many female entrepreneurs who enter the lingerie business, her brand was born out of her own personal need to find what was right for her.

After having children Cecilia discovered that it would take more than a healthy lifestyle to get her breasts back to their previous silhouette.

“You can work out. You can do a lot of things to help get back into shape,” she explains, “but [with] breasts, you cannot do that much.” That harsh realization led her to undergo breast augmentation surgery in 2011.

Ipomia Lingerie Collection

However, during her recovery process, Cecilia found it challenging to find post-surgery bras that would both aid in her healing and show off her restored bustline. And, armed with research showing her that breast augmentation is the number one plastic surgery procedure performed in the US, Cecilia had a good feeling that she was not alone in her struggle to find trendy post-surgery lingerie.

“I started googling and I searched everywhere,” she recalls. “After I googled, I realized there were no products out there. So, I said, ‘I have to take care of this problem.’”

Ipomia Lingerie Collection

After consulting with her plastic surgeon, Riikka Veltheim, who is also one of Ipomia’s founding team members, Cecilia conceptualized what her brand would need to offer women like herself who were post-op and trying to find their new ideal fit.

“I was like, ‘Okay, I need to create a whole collection with recovery bras that look good and feel good at the same time and definitely support you during the recovery,” she explains. “And then a whole collection of bras to use after the recovery period is over. And forever.”

“Ipomia is the first lingerie company to customize its bras for women with implants,” added designer and cofounder, Melika Zavareh. “For over two years, I worked with our cofounders, Dr. Per Hedén and Riika Veltheim, and a medical team, in order to make our bras perfect not only design wise, but medical wise both right after surgery, during healing and forever after. We make sure to design and produce our bras that serves a very specific community, so our customers can always feel confident we are designing for them.”

In conjunction with medical and design experts, Cecilia has developed an impressive two step collection that embraces the general needs of women who have undergone breast surgery.

“Eighty percent of all women do not wear the right size bra and women with implants are no exception. In many cases, they are simply not aware of the importance for a proper fit to complement their reconstructed breasts,” said Ipomia cofounder, Dr. Per Hedén, a leading expert in plastic surgery.

Ipomia Lingerie Collection

Ipomia Lingerie Collection

Step 1 of the collection comprises wireless lingerie for immediately after surgery to provide comfort and support and includes the Essential Recovery Bra as well as the highly rated, First Love Bra with soft, antibacterial Bamboo lining to help scars heal and deep, molded cups that optimally align implants and show off breast shape. Cecilia has proudly crowned it as “our most unique product”.

Ipomia Lingerie Collection

Ipomia Lingerie Collection

In Step 2, the customer has access to wired styles, like the Light Lux Bra, that are tailor made for implants, so she can make them her ‘forever’ essentials once she is properly recovered. Designed to be breathable and supportive without pushing or squeezing on her new shape, these are the styles that will make her feel like herself again and really send her confidence through the roof.

Ipomia Lingerie Collection

Alongside providing a fantastic array of post op intimates, Cecilia also sees Ipomia as her platform for educating people about breast enhancement surgery and dispelling the taboo around it, hopefully making it easier for women to speak about it and feel confident enough to articulate their needs for the right foundation garments. She feels that people have in their minds that the women who do enhancement surgery are mainly in their 20’s and want to look overly sexy but, citing the US, she shows the statistics paint a different picture.

“Ninety percent of the girls doing breast augmentation are [around] 33 years old,” she informs. “Soccer mom is a good description. They had their kids [and] they just want their body back. And that’s exactly what happened to me.”

For more information on Ipomia visit:

Contact: Cecilia Kadar
Email: cecilia.kadar@ipomia.com
Website: http://ipomia.com/

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