Itsy BitsyBraBar Dedicated to Petite Women Opens Online

After almost two years of planning, Brooklyn, NY-native Vitra Sing, launched her first business venture online ,

The website aims to reach petite women everywhere who can never seem to find undergarments that fit properly. Even if their underwear does fit, chances are they are boring black, beige, or white prints found at big name retailers.

The inspiration for Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar LLC. came to Singh and her fellow MBA friends (all petite and modern women) as they discussed how shopping for underwear was more challenging and frustrating than it should be. The idea behind the “Bra Bar” concept was that women will now have a place they can go and have a large selection of undergarments available to them, based on their personal style. There are very few places online where “small pockets of sexiness” can go that cater solely to petites.

The website,, sells to women who wear A-cups and smaller, as well as small B and C-cups. Sizes range from 28A to 32C. In addition to bras and panties, product offerings include lingerie, jewelry accessories, robes, camisoles, chemises, body lotion, massage oils and much more. Even though the website is starting as a small business, there are at least ten different brands to choose from at launch.

There’s even a category called “I’m a Guy and I need Help!” because if you think petite women have it hard, men also face more hurdles than necessary in shopping for intimate wear for their small girlfriends or wives. Men can simply click on this option and it will suggest gifts perfect for the petite woman in their life.

President and Founder, Vitra Singh was born in Trinidad, and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Though her undergrad degree is in Journalism from New York University, she also earned her MBA degree from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale. Vitra’s goal is to create an oasis for small women who need small underwear.

Although the economy has been in a recession the past year with signs that it might get worse before it gets better, Vitra feels that regardless of the economy, petite women still need underwear, and she will be there to provide it to them!

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