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Ivette Bridal Harmony

“No matter whether you are romantic or a dreamer…our shapes and patterns will captivate and will enhance the beauty in you.”

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Ivette Bridal’s Xavier ParĂ© in New York City. We had scheduled some time to meet for me to see the Spanish bridal brand’s collection in person.

Xavier brought with him a few suitcases to our meeting and started by organizing and prepping our viewing area. With a short pull on a zipper, he opened a case filled with boxes — the Ivette Bridal logo stood out beautifully on the stark, white boxes.

Ivette Bridal

Gingerly, he picked out a package and placed it on the table. Facing me, Xavier lifted the cover and started folding over layers of crinkling tissue paper. He smiled, noting that the sounds and textures of the opening are an important part of the Ivette Bridal experience. It was a great tease for the senses as he unveiled a gorgeous, white camisole from their Heritage collection. It was a beautiful and stunning example of what Ivette offers. Soft to the touch and a treat for the eyes.

Ivette Bridal Boheme

All of the brand’s garments are exquisitely hand-crafted in their studio in Barcelona using the finest fabrics and laces from Europe. The collection includes clothing and special back neckline, garter belts and bustiers, enhancers clothes, matching stockings and lingerie short and long. Today, we’re giving our readers a look at the brand’s three main collections — Armonia, Heritage and Boheme.

For our US readers interested in Ivette, Valens Lingerie Group is the exclusive distributor for Ivette Bridal here stateside and Canada. Reach Valens at info@valenslingerie.com or (888) 982-8949. We’ll list this info again at the end of the story.

Ivette Bridal Collection


Ivette Bridal Boheme

Free, Natural, Sensual

Boheme is for you, a free woman, who is carried away by emotions and charisma. A bride in a very natural style.


Ivette Bridal Harmony

Romantic, dreamy, radiant

Harmony is the freshness and femininity really made for a romantic, joyful and dreamy girlfriend.


Ivette Bridal Heritage

Elegance, Style, Personality

Heritage is the elegance of form, style and good taste. For a bride with character, personality and lover of perfection.

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Email: info@ivettebridal.com

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