Full Bust Bra Fit Models

  • Employer: Hurray Kimmay
  • Employment: Temporary
  • Location: New York, United States
  • Salary: $50/hr

Job Description

Bra fitter and lingerie marketer, Kimmay Caldwell, is teaming up with Etched, a new full bust bra brand, to cast their Full Bust Bra Fit Models. Casting call is August 10 – 11, 2015 in New York City. Casting call is for 30,32,34,36,38 bands and E,F,G cups. Previous modeling experience is not required. This is a research and development project, not a marketing campaign. Please visit http://www.hurraykimmay.com/jobs/brafitmodels for FAQs and the form to apply.

Note from Kimmay:
We’re not looking for pretty faces or perfect breasts. We’re looking for women of very specific sizes to come in, try on bras, and help this brand create, design, and tweak their revolutionary styles. This is your chance to shape the future of bra design! If chosen for the casting call, based on your measurements and availability, my team and I will email you to set up a casting appointment. I’m so thrilled to help this brand bring its years of design work to life. xo Kimmay


  • Must fill out the form at http://www.hurraykimmay.com/jobs/brafitmodels
  • Must be in or near the NYC area for ongoing fittings through 2015
  • Must submit current bust and underbust measurements
  • Those who meet the criteria will be called in for a fitting appointment for either Monday August 10th or Tuesday August 11th in NYC
  • If you are expecting to gain or lose weight/ be pregnant or nursing/ or move from NYC – congrats! But this job is not for you. We are looking for fit models who will remain relatively the same size and will live in NYC for the rest of 2015.


  • At the casting call
  • Models will be fit into several bras by the bra fitting team
  • The team will take several measurements and up close photos
  • All of which are for internal use and research purposes only. These will not be shared
  • Those cast will be asked to attending fitting sessions over the next few months. Fitting sessions are estimated to be 1 hour in length and once every 3-4 weeks
  • Fittings are held in NYC


Those who attend the casting call and complete the fitting process will be paid $25 for their time and participation in the research process. Those who are cast as fit models will be paid $50/hour for future fittings. Fittings are estimated to be 1 hour in length, and once every 3-4 weeks in NYC


Please direct correspondence to: Kimmay Caldwell, Owner and Bra Fitter, Hurray Kimmay

About Hurray Kimmay

Founded by Kimmay Caldwell, Hurray Kimmay is dedicated to helping women say hurray on the inside, outside, and underneath it all. Kimmay has 10+ years of bra fitting and lingerie marketing experience. Under the umbrella brand, Hurray Media, she partners with value driven lingerie and intimates brands both behind the scenes and in the public eye on creative content, marketing, and promotional campaigns. For more information: www.hurraykimmay.com

Etched is a full bust lingerie brand coming soon. Built to support a woman with everyday luxury, it’s designers have been etching the design to perfection for over three years. Their revolutionary deign combines function and style for a supportive, and completely innovative full bust bra option. Currently in pre-production, the brand expects to release its bra and panty designs soon. For more information, visit www.etchedwoman.com

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