Journelle’s Warehouse Sale

Christi ReadStory and Photos by Christi Reid
Christi Reid is a sophomore at LIM College, a fashion business school, pursuing a degree in management and entrepreneurship. She has a true passion for writing and lingerie. Christi is currently interning for the lingerie store Journelle and has dreams to one day open a lingerie store of her own.


This past Friday launched Journelle’s first ever warehouse sale.  A retail space was rented just across the way from the Union Square flagship store and inventory was shipped in from all store locations. The Journelle team hurried to put together the rather last minute event, but ended up with an amazing presentation.

Walking into the space customers were hit with a dazzling array of designer lingerie at an astounding 50% off. Never thought you could find La Perla or Fleur of England on sale? Think again! Needless to say the store had never had a warehouse sale such as this before so Claire Chambers and her team were unsure of what the turn out would be like.

Waiting with anticipation on the first day when the doors opened at noon just over a dozen women streamed into the tiny retail space viving for the chance to get their hands on discounted lingerie. Within twenty minutes the space was completely crowded. On day two of the sale, the Journelle team was slightly more prepared only this time when the doors opened roughly twenty women flew into the store. At one point around 1:30pm the entire store was just one long line wrapped around tables with women waiting to be rung up.

This one of a kind sale will run until Friday, January 20th where the remaining inventory will be uploaded to the ecommerce site. Don’t miss your chance to stock up on all your favorite pretty underpinnings from brands such as Mimi Holiday, Cosabella, and Chantelle.

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