Julie France Body Shapers Gain Support of TeenProm, SeventeenProm Magazines

After receiving the Julie France High-Waist Boxer Shaper in summer of 2009 Linda Korman, Advertising Manager for TeenProm and SeventeenProm Magazines, has become a raving fan of the Julie France Body Shapers collection.

Now both SeventeenProm and TeenProm magazines use Julie France Body Shapers for photo shoots to make sure every dress fits perfectly. With so many styles and sizes there is a shaper for just about every body and every outfit. Including the Men’s Sculptor T-Shirt, allowing guy’s to look their best too.

“Over a year ago I received my first Julie France shapewear piece; the High-Waist Boxer Shaper. Since then I have literally worn it with everything! The best day was when I was wearing a figure-hugging dress and was told ‘Honey, you can wear snug anyday!’. I always thought my Julie France body shaper made me look smooth and slim, but now I KNOW I look good!” says Linda during a recent interview.

The company said, “With recent additions to the line such as the High-Waist Slip Shaper and High-Waist Capri, Julie France Body Shapers is earning the attention of not only the prom and bridal demographic, but also women gearing up for holiday fashions! It seems that Linda Korman is not the only fan of figure-hugging sweater dresses as retailers are noticing an increasing demand for shapewear garments that work exceptionally well under fall and winter trends.”

In regards to other trends, the company also noted that in 2010, they are seeing the return of the popular leggings/sweater look which is perfectly paired with the High-Waist Capri Legging or Low-Rise Legging Shaper. Other trends this season include high-waisted skirts and trousers, wrap dresses, and panted rompers.

“Layer these fashions with a Julie France Tummy Shaper or High-Waist Boxer Shaper and you’ll look fabulous all season long,” added the company.

For more information about Julie France Body Shapers, contact:

Julie France Body Shapers
1328 Union Hill Road
Alpharetta, GA 30004
(800) 222-0026

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