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Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

Celestine Cheong knows a thing or two about sweat. She is a player for England’s Touch Rugby team and a referee. She runs, does yoga and is a regular at the gym. Needless to say, Celestine sweats a lot.

In her almost 20 years of playing sports internationally, Celestine has worn a lot of ill-fitting, unattractive and poorly functioning active apparel. Ready to do it her own way, she set out in 2017 to develop Just FIT, a line of activewear for women that keeps sweat at bay so female athletes can feel good and work harder in attractive clothing that fits well.

Pro-Active Sweat Technology

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
First, Celestine needed a radically different solution for sweat management. Moisture-wicking fabrics pull the sweat away from the body, leaving you with damp clothing that often takes too long to dry and can begin to smell after many uses.

Using sustainable, premium fabrics was what Celestine needed, so she turned to the scientists who develop products for space suits and borrowed a few of their concepts. She combined natural fibers and yarns with certified space technology to achieve the ultimate heat and moisture control.

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

“The technology in the fabric is pretty interesting,” she says. “Originally developed for NASA, it utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. The PCM are microencapsulated to be permanently enclosed and protected in a polymer shell that is integrated in the fabric’s fibers. This allows the fabric to continually regulate the skin’s microclimate.”

In layman’s terms-the fabric starts doing its job before you even begin to sweat. As your skin gets hot the fabric absorbs the heat. As it cools, that heat is released.

“It’s comparable to ice in a drink as it changes from solid to liquid, it absorbs heat and cools the drink, keeping that drink at the desired temperature for longer,” adds Celestine.

Styles That Work As Hard As You

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

With the technology nailed down, Celestine dug into the design element. She was set on creating styles for women that were versatile and well fitting. She was tired of wearing one thong to the office and packing a second to change into for her evening run, so she focused on creating nearly invisible styles and prioritizing comfort so that each item in the line could easily be worn for any occasion.

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

The Just FIT collection is made up of three panties, one bra and a top, each named after space flights and missions. The Skylab Thong, Kitty Hawk Bikini and Odyssey Boyshort all feature bonded and seamless designs so no panty lines show through. Each style comes in black, Caramelo and Tiffany Blue.

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

The Skyluxe 3D Low Impact Sports Bra is perfect for low-impact activities, like yoga or barre, and can easily be worn from day-to-workout. It features patented technology (there are only two machines in the world that can create this) that create a flexible exoskeleton and flocked silicone that takes on the function of an underwire.

The Skyluxe 3D Low Impact Sports bra comes in a striking black and white mesh design and features adjustable straps and a padded hook and eyes for extra comfort.

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

The Orion Base Layer will warm you up when the temperatures drop. This shirt features a stretchy fit so it feels like a second skin. Utilizing NASA-engineered phase change material, this shirt will work to proactively regulate your skin’s temperature and reduce the rate of perspiration. It won’t keep you from sweating completely, so this top is also stink-proof thanks to the silver woven into the fabric.

Common Problems Solved

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Why was all this trouble worth going through? Celestine says she was fed up with sports apparel not being as functional as it claimed to be. Women commonly deal with embarrassing panty lines or sweat stains through their leggings during a heavy workout, and sweaty underwear makes for a not so comfortable cool down. (Not to mention the health issues that sitting around in soggy undies creates!)

Plus, Celestine says that women today are so busy and need more versatile options for their lifestyle. Just FIT provides women with comfortable intimate apparel solutions they can wear everywhere, all day.

What’s more, their sweat protection makes these undies an ideal solution for any occasion. Customers have purchased the bikini briefs to go under wedding gowns, says Celestine. Certainly layers of tulle and lace mixed with high emotions can lead to a sweaty mess, and who needs that on their big day?

Ultimately, Celestine found that so many women faced the same problems that she did. “We have so many hats on and we’re on the go all the time,” she says. “Our lives just keep getting busier and we have so many demands to do so many things in one day. It was that kind of a passion of mine to fulfill so many needs of what women have to face.”

Women may still be busy, but at least now they can face their day feeling a little cooler and comfortable.

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