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Underwear that is made from certified space technology sounds pretty serious. In fact, what Celestine Cheong, founder of activewear company Just FIT explained to me in our previous feature, the technology built into the garments involves some serious science.

“Phase change materials absorb heat from your skin, which then cools your body down,” says Celestine. “They release the same heat back to you when your skin’s temperature drops, which means it’s constantly working hard under rapidly changing environmental conditions.”

That sounds great to me, because I am a runner with some serious underwear problems. I need a style that stays in place, combats moisture and won’t show through leggings.

This is a tall order for a little piece of clothing, but Just FIT claims to have each of these common workout worries solved. Needless to say, I was excited to hit the roads to give the gear a test run.

Gym Solutions

For thong wearers, the Skylab can’t be beat.

The Just FIT collection is made up of three panty styles, and I was able to test each one-The Skylab Thong, Kitty Hawk Bikini and Odyssey Boyshort.

All three feature bonded and seamless designs so there are no visible panty lines. And true to Just FIT’s promise, the fabric kept me relatively dry during my runs. I was still sweaty after my workouts, but considerably less so. What’s more, the design of each style is simple and attractive so I happily wore them beyond the gym. I loved that the styles came in three shades so you can decide which works best with your outfit-the bright Tiffany Blue is my favorite.

My favorite style was the Odyssey Boyshort because it offered the most coverage of my bum, which I found to be the most comfortable. The Kitty Hawk Bikini offered a little less coverage, but I was impressed to find that visible panty lines were still not an issue.

The Skylab Thong proved to be the perfect workout thong. I don’t always wear thongs to the gym but will reach for one if I’m wearing lighter, less forgiving leggings. But I’ll wear the Skylab Thong all the time! This one was not only invisible but it stayed put during a tough HIIT class with lots of movement-I barely knew it was there. For thong wearers, the Skylab can’t be beat.

The phase change material that makes these undies so perfect for a sweat sesh, also make them a great option during the warmer months when it’s hard to keep cool. It’s still too early in the spring for me to test them out, but I plan to wear them under special dresses for nights out during summer.

The underwear comes in sizes UK 8 through UK 16-18. I am between a small and a medium, and found that the UK 10 in each style fit me the best.

Performance Tops

The base top kept me warm during outdoor exercise and activities, like skiing and running.

I also tried The Skyluxe 3D Low Impact Sports Bra and the Orion Base Layer.

The Orion Base Layer’s effects on my upper body were just as good as they were on my bottom! The base top kept me warm during outdoor exercise and activities, like skiing and running. As it’s made using the same NASA-engineered phase change material as the panties, it works with your skin’s temperature to prevent you from overheating when it gets too hot, or shivering when it gets too cold.

I wore a UK size 8, which fit snuggly on me so it was easy to layer another shirt or jacket over it. But it can also be worn on its own, to work out in, even at night-one arm features the Just FIT helix in reflective detail for added safety. The inside hem of the shirt uses the same seamless SensElast technology to act both as a bonded seam and a velvet grip, so it didn’t ride up while I ran, a problem I face often face with most other shirts.

Visually, I was drawn to the 3D Low Impact Sports Bra right away. I love the modern black on white design and have found it looks good under everything. It has flocked silicone in place of an underwire, so you get natural support and shaping in a design that’s easy to move in. It’s meant for low impact activities like yoga and barre. I have a smaller chest and therefore require much less support from an athletic bra and I found it felt good on me even during a light jog. It’s the perfect day-to-workout bra, a feature I happily took advantage of on more than one occasion.

The size range for the SKYLUXE bra ranges from x-small (32A) to medium/large (38C). I wear a 32B and fit into the x-small with no problem.

I am serious when I say that I recommend Just FIT to all women, especially those who have ever picked up a pair of leggings and thought, “what do I wear under these?” A little help from some space technology has helped make my workouts feel a lot more down to earth.

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