Kellie K Apparel Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Kellie K Apparel

Kellie K Apparel announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund their American-made strapless bras. The bra is engineered with a patent-pending lining for support and comfort. The company has a funding goal of $18,000.

Kellie K Apparel was founded by Dr. Anthony Roy with the goal to provide all women with a superior strapless bra.

He says, “Kellie K Apparel started one evening when Kellie, my wife, was lamenting her lack of clothing options. She wanted to wear a particular top that bared her shoulders, but didn’t want to wear the strapless bra that went under it. When I asked her what was wrong with her current bra, she said she didn’t feel like having to deal with pulling up the bra all night. I set about making a crude prototype that consisted of me super-gluing the very first iteration of GeckTeck to one of the strapless bras my wife said wouldn’t stay put. She tried it on and said it fixed the problem. However, I knew I had truly struck gold when one night we were going out, and she once again wanted to wear that top which required her to wear a strapless bra. Instead of using one of her store-bought bras, she grabbed the prototype I built and enjoyed a night of not once having to worry about her bra. At that moment I realized I truly had a great idea for a business.”

Kellie K Apparel Bra Prototype

Above: Kellie K Apparel Bra Prototype.

There are many women like Kellie who have struggled with their strapless bras added Roy. “In the US alone, women spend over $1 billion per year on strapless bras, even though very few seem happy with the results. Complaints that strapless bras require constant adjustment or are uncomfortably tight can be easily found on social media and at social events.”

Kellie K Apparel aimes to solve this problem with their patent-pending lining that uses the same principles geckos use to cling to almost any surface. This allows for a comfortable and supportive fit while also being hypoallergenic and residue free.

Kellie K Apparel 1

Visit the Kellie K Apparel Kickstarter site to purchase your own strapless bra or to learn more:

Before starting this endeavor, Dr. Anthony Roy had experience in designing prototypes for various multi-million dollar start-ups as a research engineer at Idealab. He received his B.S. and M.S. from The Ohio State University, and his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology, all in mechanical engineering.

Anthony is joined by Tara Clark, the VP of Marketing for Kellie K Apparel. Tara has over 10 years of experience in customer care and developing small businesses. Most recently Tara was at SlideRocket, where she expanded to product scope from a small private beta to a large-scale operation with over 1.5 million users.

Learn More

Visit their website at:

Dr. Anthony Roy

Tara Clark

Kellie K Apparel
119 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles CA, 90036
(424) 653-6279

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