Kinga Lingerie Spotlight

Kinga Lingerie

“Our ambition is to create lingerie that temps and inflame the senses.” Kinga Lingerie.

Polish lingerie brand, Kinga specializes in the production of push-up style bras and a wide collection of Panties, Corsets, Baydolls and other intimate sets.

Kinga Lingerie Bridal

Since 1994, the brand has offered customers in Europe and beyond seasonal collections using quality materials like satin, jacquard satin, delicate french laces, original knitwear and unique finishings.

Kinga Lingerie Music collection

“Kinga’s collection is feminine and has exquisite elegance. Laces are soft which makes the lingerie comfortable for the womans body,” says the brand.

Kinga also works with boutiques (brick and mortar and online) to create limited edition collections.

Urszula Siedlecka

King Lingerie Gallery

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