La fille d’O Fall Winter 2011

An image of a model wearing a body suit set from the La fille d'O Fall Winter 2011 collection

What is the boundary between our sexual nature and nurture? And which side of the border makes us thoroughly happy?

Enigmatic questions like these usually don’t grace the Lingerie Journal’s inbox very often – especially as part of press release promoting a new collection.

Knowing that the release came from the creative team at La fille d’O, we dove into the release and photos and popped out the other side dressed in white.

Let’s explain.

The new collection, known collectively as “Adventures close to home”, is presented as an all white offering. A purposefully selected color to highlight how a designer’s color choice influences our perception of lingerie.

From the release:

“White is for all things pure. For virgins and the mane of unicorns. White is what remains unsoiled. Today’s sexuality would be depicted in bold and black, showing it’s invasive nature. Sexuality is worn like second skin, like a costume. Sexuality seems more like an influence, when it should be caused by identity.”

Poetic in its description, the designer and founder of la fille d’Or, Murielle Scherre, has taken on the task of shaking color perceptions in lingerie.

“Re-inventing the wheel seems useless, but when talking white and sexy lingerie, it appears to be more than necessary. As if elegant lingerie has to be black, by default. That smells like a challenge…”

Challenge met. The promotional images from the new collection are beautifully and artfully done highlighting the designs of “Adventures close to home”

I have to say, even the description Murielle has typed out sounds ethereally sexy, “The graphical eye of ‘O wandered over this blank page in design, and it smelled like inspiration. She created patterns that cause soft polyamide and crispy white cotton to collide into champagne colored silk, resulting in lingerie that grasps the body like vines. Designs are created with different body types in mind, which provides archetypical elegance and support. La fille d’O doesn’t just support your dreams.

Also of note are two new developments in the collection: a breastfeeding bra and a prosthetic bra.

“These items support our customers when following new paths in their personal lingerie experience. Lingerie is not just about nighttime glamour, I say. Our customers got used to our high standards and when in need for these specific items we will surely not let them down. Since these bras are part of our usual mix and match collection, you get to choose any item to complete your set, whilst getting your usual standard of service.”

Although images from the new collection are not available on the company’s website yet, please visit them to learn more about them:

Wholesale inquires:

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