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Lacelab Intimates — comfort, tenderness, authenticity and timelessness.”

Designer Luana Ioppi launched Lacelab Intimates with the purpose of bringing together a sense of well-being, delicacy and vintage aesthetics to her collection of intimates designed around the modern woman.

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Luana’s design process is guided by her brand’s four pillars: comfort, tenderness, authenticity and timelessness. The result is a collection of intimates characterized by exclusive prints, high-quality fit and a mix of colors and textures. A variety of bra styles, panties and lacy body suits are available from the brand in most standard sizes.

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“We produce high quality products that enrich a woman’s body.” – Luana Ioppi.

She notes that with a watchful eye to changes in the female body standard and customer needs, LaceLab garments are crafted on an adjustable lingerie idea with the brand offering the flexibility of adjustments among the cup and band through the straps. The straps she notes are, “tooled not only for their aesthetics but also for usability.”

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Instead of mass produced items, Luana says she values her customers by applying slow-fashion style and manufacturing high quality products in smaller runs for the brand’s retail and consumer customers. Additionally, she wants her lingerie to be experienced beyond those special moments we normally associate intimates with. It’s a beautiful collection and we’re looking forward to hearing more from this Brazilian brand.

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