Lalita Accessories: Key Pieces for Summer 2018

Lalita Ribbed Garter Tank

S he who plays, that’s the meaning behind the name of Lalita, a luxury lingerie and accessories brand that’s been seen on Tyra Banks, Janet Jackon and Sharon Stone. Founded by Rena Andrews on Valentine’s Day 2014, it offers a seductive range of bralettes, jewelry, harnesses and more. Designed to ignite the senses, the pieces are made using only the finest and most tactile materials, from super-soft bamboo fabric to supple Italian leather.

Almost everything in Lalita’s product range is created with versatility in mind. From transformable earrings to strappy pieces that can be layered with different lingerie or even clothing, this is a brand that works for multiple occasions. Below, we’ve highlighted our key product recommendations from the current season. There are ideas for the office, for the weekend, for a glamorous night out, and for playful seduction in the boudoir!

For the Office

Introducing Lalita

Rena recommends the Smooth Jersey Garter Tank. “It’s simple, ridiculously soft, and layers beautifully,” she says.

When it comes to looking professional, women want to dress smart without looking dowdy. Lalita offers a number of pieces that put a chic twist on a classic design. Take the black and white tank tops for example. They’re a wardrobe staple (which means they’re sure to be a bestseller!), and are perfect to wear underneath a blazer.

Come time to clock out though, simply shrug off the jacket to reveal the garter-grip straps, and the look goes from smart to stylish in seconds. For young professionals who want something that can take them straight through to after-work drinks, it’s the perfect transitional piece.

Lalita Accessories: Key Pieces for Summer 2018

The Sterling Tassel Earrings and Leather Tassel Earrings are two more such products, both hiding a glamorous edge. In the office, they’re discreet and simple drops. But when 5pm arrives, simply slot in the long, detachable tassels for an instant transformation!

For Casual Weekends

Lalita Accessories: Key Pieces for Summer 2018

Rena recommends the Ribbed Garter Tank. “You can easily dress it down or up with accessories, and the bamboo fabric naturally helps to keep you cool,” she says.

The soft, ribbed fabric gives this version of Lalita’s garter tanks a wonderfully casual vibe, one that’s just perfect with a pair of jeans. The straps are interchangeable, giving the wearer a range of looks.

When it comes to weekend jewelry, nothing is more on-trend right now than a choker. Lalita’s Single Garter Choker & Wrap Bracelet is a simple, goes-with-anything piece that can be worn with the silver garter closure at the front, or hidden away at the back. And true to Lalita style, it’s even more versatile than that, able to also be worn at the wrist!

For A Night Out

Lalita Accessories: Key Pieces for Summer 2018

Rena recommends the Bamboo Bralette or Open Bra Harness, which is meant to add a strappy edge to a revealingly-cut top or dress.

Lalita Open Bra garter clip revised

The trend for strappy, black lingerie shows no sign of slowing down. And with bralettes being the hottest bra style of the moment, Lalita’s strappy black bralette a sure-fire hit for the season ahead. As Rena suggests, pairing it—or the cupless version that can be worn over a more-supportive bra—with a deep V neckline adds a sexy edge to a club look.

Lalita Body Garter Set

Also great for nights on the town are the various ‘body garters’, elasticated belts with garter grip closures. These work well on bare skin below, but they would look equally great worn over a top or dress. Pair one with something loose-fitting to cinch it at the waist, and wear over a contrasting color to best highlight the striking, multi-strapped details.

Lalita Accessories for the Boudoir

Lalita Accessories: Key Pieces for Summer 2018

Rena recommends the HerCuff Double, for a subtle hint at playtime. Lalita’s HerCuff double bracelet is the perfect accessory for a suggestive touch of eroticism. Though with the two leather bracelets connected by a delicate, sterling silver chain, Rena does point out that it’s “not meant to be any more than an accessory”. For something a little sturdier (though still intended mostly for aesthetics), there’s also the wider Stitched Leather Cuff Bracelet. It can be sold as a pair, optionally joined with a chunkier chain.

Lalita Accessories: Key Pieces for Summer 2018

Other boudoir-perfect pieces include the 6-Piece Body Garter Set or, for a style that’s more elegant and luxurious, the Sterling Bralette. Both can be layered over lingerie to create new looks, or worn alone by those who dare!

Lalita’s current collection is available to view via Los Angeles or London-based showrooms, while next season’s range can be previewed in New York and Los Angeles. Interested buyers and retailers should contact for full details and to make an appointment.

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