Lalita Garter Tank Top Worn by Janet Jackson

Billboard Magazine cover with Janet Jackson wearing Lalita Garter Tank Top

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you! Janet Jackson recently showcased Lalita’s Garter Tank top (in both Ivory and Black) on the cover of Billboard Magazine and within the magazine’s feature story.

It’s a beautiful piece created by the brand’s founder, Rena Andrews. The garment offers a versatile Lalita twist on the classic tank top: a long, smooth tank made of Eco-friendly, soft and heavy weight bamboo.

Lalita Garter Tank Top

Lalita Ribbed Garter Tank

Lalita Smooth Garter Tank

“Experiment with interchangeable strap styles to suit your desire,” suggests the designer. “Easily secure your selection with Lalita’s signature garter closure on each shoulder.”

The Garter Tank comes in a ribbed and smooth version in black, ivory, or charcoal. Janet Jackson isn’t the only celebrity wearing Lalita. We recently shared the news that Sharon Stone sported a key Lalita look in the New York Times in May. In the coming days, we’re going to debut a new feature on this luxurious new lingerie brand. Stay tuned!

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Lalita Garter Tank Top Gallery

Introducing Lalita

About Lalita

Lalita was inspired by the beauty and simplicity found in a vintage garter clip—an ordinary object connecting garments beneath our everyday uniform. Even something so seemingly insignificant could become bold by a revealing gust of wind or the shifting of a stance.

The transformation from the mundane into something alluring is done by bringing forth the subtle seductive energy via an attention to detail, quality, and sensation. All which are characteristics of each handmade Lalita piece.

The spirit of Lalita is in the personal experience and journey of each wearer. Just as the garter joins and secures two separate items of clothing into one, each Lalita piece is imbued with the intention to inspire the wearer to connect to the beauty of their own inner truth— whatever it may be. While the definition of what makes us feel beautiful varies to the individual, the energy generated from that feeling stirs us to radiate and enjoy life along our journey.

Lalita represents a return to the essence of our innate sensuality that is too often encouraged to be buried. Like the Goddess of play Lalita herself, allow your personal piece to invite you back to the carefree days of your childhood or recapture the zing of surprise from that first kiss.

Life is about perspective.

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