Laureline Larcher Atelier Lingerie Collection

Laureline Larcher Atelier Aysmetrical Bra

“The Laureline Larcher Atelier collection embraces the body and enhances beauty in a totally different way.”

There’s an unmistakable, almost iconic energy that flows through the Laureline Larcher Atelier lingerie collection. In one piece, an asymmetrical bra design carries the eye from shoulder to bust where eye lash lace undulates around the wearer’s core.

From there, satin straps keep the flow of visual energy swirling around until it drives the gaze towards an exquisitely designed bottom reflecting the lace and strappy patterns of the bra.

Laureline Larcher Atelier Collage

The brand’s latest campaign photography showcases this energy with models in dance-like poses paused in action, caught in-between steps or flowing towards the camera. It’s a beautiful collection and if you haven’t heard of this brand, you’re in for a treat.

Laureline Larcher atelier is a French brand of bespoken handmade lingerie founded by Laureline Larcher in 2017. The idea sparkled unexpectedly, almost by chance says the designer with the discovery of an old sewing machine, a few sketches on paper, and practice on raw materials.

Laureline Larcher Ateliere Triangle Bra backview

Laureline is a self-taught designer, who chose to source carefully a limited set of materials, and produce each piece to order. She concentrates her work around lace and satin straps, and makes sure to always include adjustable parts in her designs to follow the shapes and evolution of each body. Her Etsy customers appreciate the level of care she gives to each order.

Laureline Larcher Atelier Triangle Lace Bra in white

Laureline has a simple, but exquisite design mantra: Explore and Embellish.

“Shipping was very fast and came in a gift-wrapped box accompanied by a few words from the designer. I like this piece very much and it is very well done. I recommend this [designer].” said Valerie Barberis, a recent Etsy customer.

Regarding her designs, Laureline says she doesn’t refer to classical patterns, but pushes her designs always further forward following her guideline: “Explore and embellish.”

Laureline Larcher Atelier Aysmetrical Bra in Satin and black see through silk chiffon

A fine dark aesthetic, inspired by French haute couture and architecture, is how she describes her work. “Each piece is named after a flower, as a representation of all the delicate beauty nature can bring, of all the different kind of sensitive yet powerful personality women can express when they wear lingerie,” said Laureline.

Some of the stand out pieces include a Lace and satin bra corset, a Triangle white lace bra with satin ribbon luxury lingerie harness inspired by a BDSM aesthetic, a Harness bust featuring black satin ribbons and bottoms like the white lace tanga and high-waisted strapped black panties.

Laureline Larcher Atelier Asymetrical Bra with white lace

“This winter, you will also discover a new part of the story, with a selection of pieces handcrafted in white. This season, purity and boldness meet, to adorn a new femme fatale,” said Laureline of what to expect in the coming months.

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