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“Extrinsically beautiful. Effortlessly posh. And quite aware of it all. This is the way of le chat (the cat) and of the brand which represents these feline idiosyncrasies.” – Le Chat Lingerie.

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor.

For 70 years Le Chat Lingerie has left the industry purring with pleasure through its top quality loungewear and lingerie done, of course, French style. Understated elegance constructed with on-trend concepts in mind are played out on premier textiles and with panoramic colorways that work singularly or in tandem.

Le Chat boasts high quality assurance checks of its products and aims to ply the market with rigorously vetted garments that comply with the company’s high benchmarks, a business decision that has gained the brand international renown.

Le Chat Essentiel

So whether it’s relaxing on the terrace like a Cheshire or dangerously laid out in the boudoir with the dark intimidating poise of a panther, Le Chat Lingerie has ensembles to handle these events and more.

Four main themes permeate Le Chat AW16 collection which then influence individual sub-ranges. These themes are Casual Chic, Chic Seduction, Timeless, and Deluxe Homewear. The season’s colours are then brushed through each sub-range of the collection either as single hues or harmonious color combos. Ranges for AW16 are entitled: Bohémia, Boudoir, Cristal, Défilé, Essentiel, Flocon, Gatsby, Happy, Helena, Icône, Juliette, Marlène, Montana, Nomad, Ouessant, and Songe.

Similar to the design themes, the color palette for Le Chat AW16 embraces four main spectrums that wind through the cold season collection, namely: Pastel (Ecru, Rosewood, Frost and Mist); Soothing neutrals (Ecru, China Beige and China Grey); Nocturnal (Currant, Sapphire, Midnight, Grey and Black); and Playful (Cherry and Blue).

Together the extensive colorways and design concepts make for an all-encompassing collection with exponential wardrobe options over the AW fashion period.

Here’s a closer look at Le Chat Lingerie AW16

Casual Chic

Le Chat Bohemia
Inherently feminine but with a hint of manliness entwined. Masculine influenced pyjama’s, shirt dress and unisex dressing gown play up the gender neutral theme but shiny viscose, soft knits and velvet fabrics err on the side of womanly. Prints include the beautifully busy and geo chic in this theme. Midnight, Cherry and Liquorice colour Le Chat’s Casual Chic ranges like Bohémia and Gatsby.

Chic Seduction

Le Chat Happy
Created with a sense of sophistication and a “couture” outlook. Boasts sensual fabrics like micromodal, silk and viscose accented with lace and adorned with appliqué. Flattering draping and edgy asymmetric cuts show up the modernity of the designs which are showcased strikingly in contrast colorways like Black/Ecru and Mist/Midnight. Chic Seduction infuses collections like Happy, Icône and Boudoir ranges which are intended to be eye-catching and flirty.


Le Chat Cristal
The emphasis is on comfort and feeling warm and cosy on a winter’s evening. Fabrics used to this intent are: cotton fleece, cotton modal and brush cotton jersey. Flocon, Helena and Cristal fall under this theme. Designs and hues exude chic minimalism with a familiar traditional feel that’s ageless. Frost blue and China Grey speak of the wintry atmosphere, with Cherry adding the beauty of a winter berry to the line-up. The classic small contrast print of Flocon range will make them feel like your favorite pj’s sprinkled with dainty flecks of Cherry and Blue over Ecru. This collection is easily complemented with elements from the Essentiel range for an unbeatable winter warming look.

Deluxe Homewear

Le Chat Nomad
With a hint of the eccentric mixed with the essential, Deluxe Homewear includes conspicuous pieces that are ideal for the lounging fashionista who likes to go beyond the basics. Range shapes include poncho, tunic and Home jacket, just right for glamorously cocooning on a winter’s eve. Fleece, fur and polar cotton result in the snuggly assortment which encompasses Songe, Montana and Nomad ranges. Neutrals are potent here: Ecru, China Beige and Grey to tone down the luminous whites of summer.

Le Chat Boudoir and Montana

What’s especially practical about Le Chat AW16 is the versatility and interchangeable nature of the ranges with the Essentiel collection at the heart of each theme, offering the basics that make each ensemble a joy to come home to and nestle in on those chilly days when summer has moved on.

Thankfully, due to the extensive nature of the AW16 collection, Le Chat Lingerie has laid out suggestions in its Lookbook as to how retailers can merchandize their products, integrating all the ranges for optimum visual impact and relevant seasonal expression.

Questions about Le Chat?

Contact Le Chat Directly to learn more about carrying this brand or where to purchase the collections.

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