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“Undoubtedly we can consider our legs as mobile canvases for transporting such influential design as seen in today’s legwear trends.”

by Michelle Broomes

It’s that time of the year when the days get shorter and hems and sleeves get longer. That’s right, winter is here. We no longer dare to bare much of our appendages as they go under wraps.

But the cold snap doesn’t mean that we have to give up on lovely legs. There is stunning hosiery (legwear) out there that can make our pins as attractive in the winter as on any summer’s day.

In fact, pairing legwear cleverly with our general fashion twist can create sophisticated and heart-warming looks that will keep us sexy until the return of summer.


Hosiery, particularly tights, is a great way to herald the autumn/winter (A/W) fashion season. Tights can add a splash of colour to outfits whilst keeping us on trend as well as allowing us to wear clothing items that would have otherwise had to be abandoned at this time of year such as shorts and minis. With such versatility it’s no wonder then that hosiery sales by major players in the US was worth just shy of US$200 million in 2012.

Tights have come a long way since the days of Robin Hood and his merry men. The technology behind their construction is even more sophisticated thanks to innovators like hosiery giant INVISTA who have been perfecting their LYCRA® hosiery fibres to ingeniously fuse comfort with fit and style.

This company has also been setting the bar for this season’s hosiery looks under the influence of the likes of Givenchy, Diane von Furstenberg, Yves Saint Laurent and Donna Karan. Eight key concepts mark the INVISTA 13/14 collection namely: Illusionist, Eye Candy, Baroque Splendour, Shaded View, Rock Chic, Cut & Paste, Clean Start and Cyber Sport.


“…the cold snap doesn’t mean that we have to give up on lovely legs”

International hosiery expert and retailer, Wolford, also confirmed that this season’s hosiery collection will be making quite a statement. In a press release promoting their 2013/14 legwear trends they state that: “this winter’s Legwear flirts with design elements that particularly emphasise the legs: a diverse range of graphic patterns and new interpretations of net, lace and trompe-l’œil looks, partially inspired by the Ready-to-wear collection’s designs and textures.”

Undoubtedly we can consider our legs as mobile canvases for transporting such influential design as seen in today’s legwear trends. And by the way, we are paying for that privilege, as some fashion labels in the UK, like Bebaroque for example, have been known to carry three-figure price tags on their hosiery.

Wolford lingerie

That said, I think what we really need now is some kind advice as to how we can interpret the latest trends and eventually make them our own this A/W season.

Luckily, I got some great insight from Sidonie Goldman, PR, Marketing and Social Media Manager for Wolford, London on current trends as interpreted by the company. She also shared some awe-inspiring looks from their upcoming collections as well some quick tips for incorporating the season’s designs into our own unique style.

Q&A with Wolford’s Sidonie Goldman on Hosiery/Legwear 13/14 Trends

Wolford's Sidonie Goldman How great an influence are international hosiery trends to your merchandising of tights and what have been the most influential trends for you this season?

It is clear that our brand is a leader in terms of trends. Our designers scout all year around trade fairs, art fairs and get inspired by everything… This year our main story is ‘fishnets’. From ‘biker chic’ to ‘pretty in punk’. We have a lot of structural fishnets mixed with lace and embroidery.

As a luxury name in hosiery, some of your tights retail for three figures. What’s been the average spend on your tights so far this season? Is it a reflection that we are seemingly willing to pay more for our tights?

Since the financial crisis, we have seen different purchasing patterns. Our customers are willing to pay more for quality and longevity. They understand that it is a false saving to buy hosiery from the supermarket if you have to replace them every other day… So they are happy to pay for a pair of Velvet de Luxe 66 opaque tights (£22) and keep them for three or four years!!


Legwear design has become quite bold and graphic as reflected in some of your looks this season; our legs have become human canvas. What do you think has influenced this trend?

Probably a number of factors. First of all, again people are now very savvy when they shop. Instead of buying two or three outfits every season they will only buy one and add a great pair of hosiery to change the whole dynamic and look of that outfit. They use hosiery as the main accessory to revive a LBD [little black dress] and make it look completely different. Then the second factor is probably purely fashion: the trend of tattoos, human canvases etc….


The name Wolford is internationally synonymous with legwear. As a company, have you helped to set any legwear trends this season in the UK and Europe?

We are famous for our ‘opaque and transparent’ pieces around the world, but this season we definitely pushed the boundaries in terms of trend around the ‘fishnet’ story.

Your legwear looks this season have some infusion of colour but are still based mainly on black interpretations. Is this done for a particular reason?

Dashes of colour always work well with editorial and imagery. For this reason we always have a few coloured legs in the collection. Unfortunately it doesn’t transcript that well commercially. Consumers are still conservative with the colours. If they go with a pattern then they will keep it to black on black. I guess that it is again an investment as black will never be out of season..!


Your Lookbook 13/14 is a fantastic tribute to hosiery. How do you come up with such stunning looks?

We have a fantastic stylists team in our HQ in Austria. Also, hosiery is still the brand’s core business so we have to make space to show off our legs!!
Your legwear looks are sophisticated and high end. From a style point-of-view, what tips can you offer our readers for creating similar looks using this season’s hosiery styles?

This season is all about a ‘tougher’ look. I would definitely go with the LBD and ‘rock it up’ with a great pair of hosiery and define the waist with a big belt. My advice is also to start thinking about what you will be wearing under your outerwear. Feeling great start with the right underwear, it empowers and gives a great feeling of control… check our ‘shape and control’ collection.


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Discover Wolford at: wolford.com
You can follow Sidonie Goldman on Twitter @WolfordPRgirl

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  2. H4M says:

    Wolford opaques are up there with the best and are suitable. For men as well as women. Remember that men invented tights. Wolford actually used to make men’s tights a few years ago.

    I like the Velvet De Luxe 66 opaques and the Opaque 70 tights. Both are great under trousers and look stylish in place of socks.

    • shelly says:

      Thank you H4M for reminding us not to leave the men out. I am really starting to appreciate the more polished look of ankle hose as opposed to socks so I am glad that you mentioned this look as well.

      • H4M says:

        Thanks Shelly.

        It would be good if Lingerie Journal covered men’s legwear and the growing trend of tights for men or ‘mantyhose’ as some call them.

        • admin admin says:

          Did you have any brand suggestions H4M? Any brands in particular you like? -Luis

          • H4M says:

            Hi Luis: Tights for men can be grouped into two groups: tights made specifically for men, and then those brands for women that are also suitable for men because of their quality and sizing choices.

            For the latter, I would include Wolford, Falke, Oroblu and the Aristoc Ultimate Leg Luxury Opaque range. Calvin Klein and Donna Karan are also highly rated. I would single out the Falke Pure Matt 100 and Pure Matt 50 opaque tights for particular praise. The new Oroblu Different 80 denier opaques are also a superb product.

            In relation to tights for men, the very best must be those made by the German brand Comfort4Men - these are premium women’s tights that have been re-engineered to provide a unique and comfortable male brief. A wide range is available, including opaques and support tights.

            I would also include the men’s tights brands of Activskin (USA), Adrian (Poland) and Glamory (Germany). There are many more, but these are the ones I feel are the best quality.

            Hope this is useful.

          • shelly says:

            great suggestion from H4M. would love to see more on men’s hosiery. Thanks.


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