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“Today your lingerie, tomorrow the world!” – Anna Lecat, Les Lunes.

A lovely pink organza bag secured with a ribbon greeted us at the studio earlier this week — a sample from the creative team at Les Lunes, a luxury French-designed lingerie brand made with organic bamboo. Inside there were a few samples from the brand, all of them luxurious to touch and look at.

The brand, pronounced LAE-LOON, offers a collection of lingerie, loungewear an daily essentials that includes both lingerie and maternity options. The aim for Les Lunes is to combine comfort and sexiness leveraging their designs and fabric of choice: organic bamboo. Also, as their mission states, Les Lunes’ goal is to also change the way women wear lingerie.


Above: Les Lunes Emma Body Suit in Coral.

“We believe that a woman in touch with herself is a woman in touch with her power, we make sure the fashion she wears against her skin is the most luxurious, feel-good clothing in her wardrobe—the kind that gives her sass and confidence. Because we know a confident woman doesn’t only change her own life, she changes the lives of everyone around her.” says the company.

Les Lunes Lola Bikini

Above: Les Lunes Lola Bikini.

The brand offers a variety of styles including a bras, bottoms, bikini, lounge dress, camisoles, bodysuits and tops. On the maternity side of the line, Les Lunes offers a nursing bra, nursing camisole, lounge dress, bodysuit, cami and brief with support belt.

Colors for the styles include black, iris, coral, bare, rose blossom and orange blossom amongst others.

Les Lunes

For fit, the company says, “…we belive in the perfect fit. We have worked hard to make sure that our lingerie will fit a number of bodies, and shapes. Their bra sizing is true to size and the brand works with a XS-L size range. A full description of their fit options is nicely illustrated on Les Lune’s online Fitting Room.

Lingerie Photo shoot behind the scenes with Les Lunes Lingerie from Les Lunes on Vimeo.

Les Lunes notes that they use organic bamboo to make their products for several reasons:

  • Bamboo lingerie is soft and smooth with a bit of sheen similar to cashmere
  • It is antibacterial and hypoallergenic- it’s excellent for sensitive skin and doesn’t itch.
  • Bamboo is one of the most Eco-friendly resources.
  • It is very cool- it literally wicks away moisture from your body
  • Excellent to wear for exercise, especially yoga and pilates
  • And MOST importantly, it is incredibly comfortable, it does not cling to the body and drapes very well.

les lunes bamboo nightgown

Above: Les Lunes bamboo nightgown.

For our readers that want to learn more, we’ve included several images from their collection and how to reach Les Lunes for wholesale questions. Keep an eye out for expanded coverage of this brand in the near future!

Wholesale Questions?

Please contact Anna Lecat, CEO, Les Lunes

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