Letter from Paris: Salon International de la Lingerie 2014


“It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it.” — Voltaire.

Kathryn Kemp-Griffin, President of Pink Bra Bazaar, a lingerie charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for breast cancerby Kathryn Kemp-Griffin
TLJ’s Associate Editor for France

Kathryn is the co-founder of Pink Bra Bazaar, a charity dedicated to breast health education and supporting women with breast cancer. She is also founder of  Paris Lingerie Tours and offers exclusive lingerie tours as an unusual alternative to the regular tourist attractions.

Contact Kathryn at: kathryn@thelingeriejournal.com

Lingerie inspires. Lingerie influences how we feel. More than 500 brands participated last week at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, a source of enchantment and transformation for nearly 17,000 buyers from around the world. Innovative fabrics and exceptional advances in embroidery and lace technology have added new dimensions for designers to explore and expand their creativity. Ranging from bold and dramatic to nuanced and subtle, new forms accentuate the feminine silhouette with an unparalleled fusion of style and comfort for the Fall/Winter 2014 collections.



Above: Scenes from Salon International de la Lingerie.

A look at the business of lingerie in France over the past year reveals interesting trends in spending. Representing a 3.5€ billion ($4.7 billion) in turnover for 2013, the French lingerie and hosiery sector experienced a 1.7% drop compared to 2012. However, encouraging statistics were seen in older age demographics. The yearly budget for women between 34-44 years old increased from 96.40€ to 119€, ($130 to $160) while the biggest spending increases were with the 45-54 year-olds, who went from 113.60€ to 132€ ($153 to $178).

Maud and Marjorie

Above: Maud and Marjorie.

This upward trend is set to continue with the words CREATIVE, SEXY, FASHION, and QUALITY, cited frequently at this year’s show to describe the collections of leading brands and luxury designers.


LISE CHARMEL-Sublime Assur

Above: Lise Charmel.

In a world increasingly on display, a glamorous sexy and styled eroticism is one of the more accomplished trends for Fall/Winter 2014. Styles are daring without the trashy trappings of vulgarity and reflect a self-assured and playful woman at easy with her sexuality and desires.

Andres Sarda

Andres Sarda

Paris Capitale de la Création Designer of the Year! Spanish designer Andres Sarda was honored for the brand’s luxury collections inspired by the vibrant allure of Barcelona.

Contact: andressarda@andressarda.com
Website: www.andressarda.com

Lise Charmel

The renowned French brand embodies sophisticated elegance, drawing inspiration from the masterpieces of French and Italian art. Refined fabrics and ornamental embroideries create luxurious designs to sculpt and embellish the female form. This video taken at the Salon de la Lingerie highlights the Fall/Winter 14 collection, rich in deep jewel tones, geometric harmony and delicate details.

Contact: Xavier Laurette
Email: xlaurette@lisecharmel.fr
Website: www.lisecharmel.com



Implicite(3) Implicite(2)

Implied. Understood. Absolute seduction is the signature of this French brand launched by the Simone Pérèle Group in 2007. Contemporary styles mixing layers of transparency and graphic details create a glamorous and dramatic collection.

Website: www.implicite-lingerie.com



A family heritage that continues to be relevant and modern while anchored in tradition and savoir-faire. Transparent elegance designed with exquisite lace captivates the sensuality and freedom of the female form.

Contact: contact@cadolle.com
Website: www.cadolle.com

Les Jupons de Tess by La Petite Coquette

Les Jupons deTess
She designs lingerie. He writes about it. The unique collaboration between Caroline Tannous, Creative Director of Les Jupons de Tess, and Samuel Dhonte, Editor of La Petite Coquette, has resulted in an inspired collection of silk peekaboo boudoir pieces.

Contact Les Jupons de Tess: Caroline Tannous
Email: caroline@lesjuponsdetess.com
Website: www.lesjuponsdetess.com

Contact La Petite Coquette: Samuel Dhonte
Email: samuel@petite-coquette.com
Website: www.petite-coquette.com

Maison Close

Maison Close
Recognized as the “Best Boudoir Lingerie Brand of the Year” in December 2013 at the prestigious UK Lingerie Awards, this provocative lingerie brand combines eroticism and luxury with an avant-garde flair.
Website: www.maison-close.com

Maud & Marjorie

Maud and Marjorie
A designer duo with a refined taste for combining divine fabrics and sculptural details for a collection saturated with sensuality.

Contact: Marjorie Collard & Maud Juillard
Email: maud@maudandmarjorie.com
Website: www.maudandmarjorie.com


While bras shape and sculpt our breasts, elaborate styles and dynamic colors draw attention to legs for a poised and sensual effect. The Dancing Legs fashion show was a popular event offering a beguiling blend of groove and sass!


Super Lord
A masculine universe with its own fashion, codes, and colors. Menswear continues to evolve with an increasing demand for modern underwear collections made from exceptional fabrics.

Dominique Seau, President of Eminence confirms this growing trend. “Underwear is becoming an accessory for men. Obviously not to the extent it is for women, but still, we’re seeing more and more men trying to coordinate their underwear with their clothing.”

Boxers are back! Patchwork prints, bright colors and original designs are adding style and flare to men’s underwear collection.


Since 1944 this French men’s underwear brand has designed collections that are both elegant and casual.

Contact: Estelle Ribe
Email: eribe@eminence.fr
Website: www.eminence.fr

Color Code Boxers

ColorCode Boxers
A Belgian brand of fashionable boxers for men made from 100% organic cotton in vibrant prints. Creative packaging in jars offers a vibrant visual display for stores.

Contact: Rajat Nayar
Email: info@colorcodeboxers.com
Website: www.colorcodeboxers.com


Young designers infuse their vision, talent, energy, and marketing savvy in to the marketplace.

Jolies Mômes

Jolies Mômes

Jolies Mômes
For designer Alice Pecatte, a jolie môme is a young, spirited woman confident and playful in her femininity. This luxurious first collection is manufactured in a very limited series using Calais lace, vintage silk, mousseline, and handcrafted embroidery.

Email: alice_pecatte@joliesmomes.com
Website: www.joliesmomes.com

Britta Uschkamp

Britta Uschkamp

Britta Uschkamp
A talented and exciting designer who injects elaborate colors in to her spirited collections. The fall/winter 2014 collection ‘love & friendship’ finds expression in the extreme emotions inherent in human relationships.

Email: contact@brittauschkamp.com
Website: www.brittauschkamp.com


Designer Cécile Pasquinelli Vu-Hong used her own breast cancer experience to create a loungewear and swimsuit brand that is modern, feminine and comfortable. Asymmetrical designs and tromp l’oeil effects provide an alternative for women who have had a mastectomy and want to wear stylish clothing without a prosthesis.

Email: cecile@garance-paris.com
Website: www.garance-paris.com

Little Black Nuisette

Little Black Nuisette
Something to wear before or after the Little Black Dress, bien sûr! Little Black Nuisette is a simple and elegant addition to the marketplace, and every wardrobe.

Contact: Valérie Touya
Email: valerietouya@yahoo.fr

Paloma Casile

Paloma Casile

The darling of audacity continues to glam up the game of seduction with a line of lingerie made with luxury materials and jewels.

Email: paloma-casile@hotmail.fr
Website: www.palomacasile.com


FashionShow_TheSelection_AndresSarda (1)

FashionShow_TheSelection_Gilda_&_Pearl(3) FashionShow_TheSelection_Arianna(2)

100% Fashion. 100% Trends. 100% Lingerie. “The Selection” fashion show brought together les coups de coeur for Fall/Winter 2014/15


Dernier Mot

Exhibitors were asked to give one-word to describe the ambiance of the 2014 edition of the Salon de la Lingerie.

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