Letter from Paris: Salon International de la Lingerie

Letter from Paris: Salon International de la Lingerie

“Pour vivre heureux, vivons caché!” “To live happy, live hidden!” – French Proverb

This past week, more than 18,000 visitors attended the 49th Salon International de la Lingerie (Jan 21 – 23) in Paris, which showcased luxury, savoir-faire, inspiration and hidden treasures. Secrets were revealed, mysteries unveiled and confidences whispered. Privacy and the search for meaning are the new trends and the ultimate luxury. Gone are the loud, look-at-me reflections of very public, onstage lives. Instead, intimate details reveal a message and fabric choices help give definition to a new, discreet, respectful and important form of communication.

Shhh. Quiet please. The show has started…


Countries represented in the following order:

1. France
2. Italy
3. Germany
4. United Kingdom (gained two places from 2011)
5. Belgium
6. Spain
7. United States (gained three places from 2011)


Nathalie Rozborski, Fashion Consultant Manager, Nelly Rodi, revealed 3 trends in the 2012 forum, “Secrets for Insiders.”

Trend Fétichic

Fétichic – Very couture and very contemporary. This Fétichic theme offers graphic, modern pieces with intense blacks and a mix of very sleek lines with pieces for seduction like garter belts.










Trend Talisman

Talisman – Features precious, but not flashy shades. Ivory and champagne tones are underscored with black. Lingerie is treated like a delicate, sophisticated jewel. Hidden embroidery arabesques and printed silks are among the details only to be shown to a lucky few.












Trend Softness

Softness – A trend that describes a very feminine, very premium homewear. Luxurious fibers and knit blends of silk, cotton, cashmere, angora and laces. The color range borrows from the mineral kingdom with pearly greys and bluish tones.












Minuit Douze

Minuit Douze

Design and style have given loungewear the right to be called Lounge Lingerie. Luxurious fabrics, and attention to detail and form, have defined a new way of taking care of yourself, feeling good and looking great. Lounge Lover, Minuit Douze, Occidente, rue du Faubourg as well as the bigger brands, Aubade, Chantelle and Lou are all working to make sure that women enjoy a sense of well-being and elegance in the comfort of their home.











Wacoal Beauty Secret Collection



The girdle! Sexy, comfortable shapewear – finally! Brands have been busy putting the glamor into comfort. Voted number one in France and Italy by Intima Magazine, Wacoal makes slimming fashionable with its Beauty Secret collection, and Scandale has re-sculpted our bodies with a touch of nostalgia.








Gianantonio Paladini was elected “Paris Capitale de la Création” Designer of the Year, by the Salon International de la Lingerie

Gianantonio Paladini was elected “Paris Capitale de la Création” Designer of the Year, by the Salon International de la Lingerie

Gianantonio Paladini was elected “Paris Capitale de la Création” Designer of the Year, by the Salon International de la Lingerie. This award recognizes the creativity and savoir-faire of the Italian Fashion House. Dedicated to the tradition of haute couture, Paladini mixes traditional materials with innovative fabrics to reinvent a mix of classics and modern aesthetics.







Pink Bra Bazaar Exhibit

Pink Crazy Bras Exhibition

The Salon de la Lingerie has supported Pink Bra Bazaar – the lingerie charity dedicated to breast cancer awareness – since its creation in 2010 and this year donated 1 euro for every badge purchased.

At the Salon, Pink Bra Bazaar inaugurated the Pink Crazy Bras Exhibition showcasing 20 bras customized by creative and sewing enthusiasts. The exhibition’s next stop is Galeries Lafayette in Paris from March 5 to 17th.






Chantal Thomass book signing

Chantal Thomass book signing

Travel with Chantal Thomass, or at least visit the same places with « Mon Carnet d’Adresses », a collection of the iconic designer’s favorite adresses including fashion, beauty, and epicurian preferences both in France and abroad. Even lingerie professionals wanted to know her secrets…










Contact Information

Aubade: www.aubade.com
Chantal Thomass: www.chantalthomass.fr
Chantelle: www.chantelle.com
Lou: www.lou-paris.com
Lounge Lover: www.loungelover.com
Minuit Douze: www.minuitdouze.net
Occidente: www.occidente.fr
Paladini: www.paladinilingerie.it
Pink Bra Bazaar: www.pinkbrabazaar.org
Rue du Faubourg: www.ruedufaubourg.com
Scandale: www.scandale.com
Wacoal: www.wacoal.fr

Kathryn Kemp-Griffin founded the lingerie company Soyelle in 1993. After selling Soyelle in 2009, Kathryn founded Pink Bra Bazaar, a lingerie charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for breast cancer. Kathryn also organizes exclusive lingerie tours in Paris as an unusual alternative to the regular tourist attractions. A Toronto native and a Princeton graduate, Kathryn lives with her husband, five children, four cats and a dog in a 500-year-old mill outside of Paris. Email: kathryn@pinkbrabazaar.org


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