Letter from Paris: Silhouette Passion

Maya Hansen

Above: Maya Hansen.

“à chaque silhouette ses dessous, underpinnings for every shape.” — French proverb.

Kathryn Kemp-Griffin, President of Pink Bra Bazaar, a lingerie charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for breast cancerby Kathryn Kemp-Griffin
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Remember those shadow portraits cut from dark paper? A silhouette. The word is derived from the name Etienne de Silhouette who was a French Finance minister in the mid 18th C. His unpopular efforts to improve an austere economy earned him a reputation of being a cheapskate, with his name carrying the burden. For those who couldn’t afford a real portrait, a traced silhouette provided an inexpensive alternative.

Morgan Lane Morgan Lane

Above: Morgan Lane.

“Today’s female form can be outlined in many different styles and fabrics.”

Too bad Etienne and his detractors couldn’t come to the Salon International de la Lingerie more than 250 years later, where passion for la silhouette is an elevated art form, and anything but cheap. Shaping silhouettes today is big business. Etienne would be proud, and perhaps even a little flushed…

Barbara Matcha

Above: Barbara.

Today’s female form can be outlined in many different styles and fabrics. More than 500 exhibitors at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris showed just how many ways there are to wear your silhouette: designerwear, nightwear, loungewear, inner-outerwear, shapewear, legwear, and underwear.

The following selection features 7 Brands and Designers defining silhouettes in chic, sexy, demure, daring — and gourmet — ways.


Barbara Imperiale
The French brand, Barbara, has been shaping silhouettes since 1926 when Marcel Bena set up his workshop in Paris to manufacture corsets. Pioneering comfort, beauty and elegance, Barbara was the first brand to use stretch elastic in 1981. The brand continues to develop new ways of showcasing contours with geometric shapes and designs.

Elise Anderegg

Elise Anderegg
A collection of exquisite simplicity and flawless design. Entirely Made in France, designer, Elise Anderegg, uses the finest lace and fabrics to create her signature chemise to capture a hint of provocation at night, or trend-up any outfit during the day.

Ma P’tite Culotte

Ma Petite Culotte
Charline Goutal, the designer behind Ma P’tite Culotte, My Little Panty, is a panty passionista. She’s also a fabric fanatic with really high standards, and doesn’t believe in seasons. Your personality isn’t seasonal, so why should your underwear be? Attitude, humor, and spontaneity are the guiding principals for Ma P’tite Culotte and sculpting beautiful bottoms.

Madame Aime

Madame Aime Loungewear
Luxurious fabrics, tailored design, and exquisite detailing offers profound femininity to any silhouette. French brand, Madame Aime, (Madame Loves), celebrates style and individuality through a diverse and versatile collection that easily transitions from innerwear to outerwear. Function and style come together to enhance any silhouette and lifestyle.


Winner of the prestigious ‘Paris Capitale de la Création Designer of the Year’ for 2015, this family company has been draping silk over silhouettes since 1947. Often audacious, always elegant, Marjolaine’s designs are both timeless and modern. Silk in saturated colors with incrusted lace cascade over the contours of the body to reveal a delicate luminosity with every movement.

Maya Hansen

Maya Hansen
This Spanish brand launched in 2006 takes you back the future in a corset. Maya Hansen’s eponymous designer mixes the theatrical eccentricity of couture such as Chantilly lace inserts with ultra-modern neoprene, a synthetic rubber. Sophisticated and futuristic silhouettes are on the horizon.

Morgan Lane

Morgan Lane
Fashion-forward yet naïvely innocent, Morgan Lane is an American lingerie and sleepwear brand. Created by Morgan Curtis, the collection tells its story through an imaginary muse, Lanie, whose enchanting identity is captured in a hand-drawn illustration and featured throughout the collection. A three-piece (silk sleeping shirt, silk pajamas, and silk eye mask) limited edition capsule collection in collaboration with Baron von Fancy, “To The Moon and Back,” captures the charm and playfulness of this delightful brand, reminding us gently not to take ourselves too seriously.

Ma Collection Marchande de Saveurs

Ma Collection
Stylist and trend forecaster Valérie Bloch set out to combine her passion for fashion, gastronomy, and decoration. Mixing sweet and savory, Valérie designed a unique concept-store in the heart of St Germain to offer a sensorial experience of unbridled imagination. The boutique, Ma Collection Marchande de Saveurs, (My Merchant Collection of Flavors), offers a fresh approach to exploring the endless potential of our sensations and invites us to discover and savor a carefully curated selection of 100% French gourmet products.

Brand Contact Information

Barbara: www.barbara.fr
Elise Anderegg: www.eliseanderegg.com
Ma P’tite Culotte: www.maptiteculotte.com
Madame Aime: www.madame-aime.com | contact@madame-aime.com
Marjolaine: www.marjolaine.fr
Maya Hansen: www.mayahansen.com
Morgan Lane: www.morgan-lane.com
Ma Collection Marchande de Saveurs
33, rue Mazarine 75006 Paris

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