Lillias Right, Exclusive Model for Fantasy Lingerie

Lillias Right, Exclusive Model for Fantasy Lingerie
Photo Credit-Marie Killen

“Lillias has a poise and grace about her that really sprung forth during the shoot. Match that with her gorgeous face, body and attitude and the whole team seemed to recognize at the same moment we wanted to work with her on a regular basis.” -Leilani Whitney, President

On paper, Lillias Right has an exclusive modeling partnership with Fantasy Lingerie. In real life, the relationship between her and the brand is more like that of tight-knit sisters. Leilani Whitney, president of Fantasy Lingerie says that the company works as a family unit, and Lillias fits right into the group. She’s “open, engaging, willing to contribute ideas and quick with a laugh,” she says.

This exclusive relationship isn’t all just fun and games, explains Leilani. Lillias has taken on the role of brand ambassador for Fantasy Lingerie and is a recognizable face with the line’s products.

That’s something the brand takes seriously. Finding a woman with not only the right look but also a similar stance in the industry was key. “In the case of Lillias, and Kellee Moran before her, there is such a positive feeling about who they are and how they view themselves,” says Leilani. “They are body positive, inclusive and sexy as hell. The same feelings that we want our customers to embrace and how we perceive our Fantasy Lingerie brands.”

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Lillias Right, Exclusive Model for Fantasy Lingerie
Photo Credit- Shantia Romie

Q&A with Lillias Right

For our readers who might not be familiar with you, your work as an artist and model, could you give us a brief bio of who you are?
I have been modeling freelance since 2011, working with many different types of artists and photographers. I’m 30 years old from a Mormon background. My brand has always been about body and sexy positivity and promoting diversity where I can. I have also been practicing photography recently!

Lillias, could you tell us a little bit about what drew you to Fantasy Lingerie?

I first heard of Fantasy Lingerie when Ashley Alexis and Kellee Moran-whom I look up to as plus-sized bombshells and leading ladies of the lingerie industry, posted photos from their shoot with Fantasy to their Instagram pages. A big part of my body positive branding is representing brands who are inclusive to all body sizes by offering more sizing options than just the standard dress size 12 since the average woman is an 18. Fantasy Lingerie takes their plus size lingerie sex appeal as seriously as their smaller sizes, which is difficult to find. Fantasy is a major lingerie company that is as active in the body positive movement as I am. So we see eye-to-eye on a few levels.

What is it about the brand that lines up with your own views and values?
As mentioned above I like to be as thorough as possible when choosing companies to work with. I only work with those who share similar values when it comes to representing all body types and allowing everyone to feel sexy in their own skin. It’s clear to me Fantasy values their curvy customer base just as they do their straight sized customers.

Lillias Right, Exclusive Model for Fantasy Lingerie

We’d love to know what it’s like working with the Fantasy Lingerie team?

“Work,” is it? I have had the pleasure of working with the Fantasy team on multiple shoots, in all different themes and locations. Each time was extremely professional but equally fun and exciting! From our very first shoot I felt like I was just as important as any other member of the team. My insights are heard, my flow appreciated, and my stupid jokes welcome. I look forward to many more shoots in the future!

Our last shoot was actually two days after my 30th birthday, they surprised me with a beautiful cake and sang to me! That was a very loving act and now a cherished memory!

Could you tell us a little bit about the projects you’re working on?
Recently I have been focusing on organizing modelographer events. I know the term sounds funny. I have a group of friends who are talented both in front of and behind the camera. We have traveled to Belize, Brazil, Croatia, Italy and a few places in the states. We take pictures of each other for our websites while building lasting friendships with similar interests. It’s extremely gratifying bringing my girlfriends from all over the country together to create stellar content all over the world. I want to continue the momentum of the community support and friendship for as long as possible. I’ve learned quite a bit of photography skills and developed my modeling career thanks to these events.

Lillias Right, Exclusive Model for Fantasy Lingerie
Photo Credit- Corwin Prescott

How would you describe the relationship that’s developed between you and the Fantasy team?
It may be dangerously cheesy to say, but I would say we are becoming family. We all work together magnificently on accomplishing the same goal while just having a blast. Communication is effortless while jokes and laughs are always encouraged. I seriously look forward to seeing all the friendly faces of the Fantasy team every time we schedule a shoot.

What’s the most important thing you want people to know of your work with Fantasy?

That everyone deserves to feel sexy on Valentine’s Day or a hot date and there are companies who offer great products for this purpose. It’s extremely important to support brands who are inclusive to all sizes to encourage the production. Fantasy is pushing the bar and leading the sexy industry in the right direction. I fully support their effort!

We love the videos on your Instagram profile, any multimedia creations for Fantasy coming our way this year?
Thank you! I hope one day in the future we will create some sexy movement videos in their gorgeous lingerie!

If you had to pick three styles from Fantasy collection as your favorites, which would they be and why?
I would love to be able to list a few that I have modeled in the latest Spring 2019 collection but can’t disclose this info until it launches. (Just wait though because they have some severely banging pieces coming!) Here’s a list of my favorites listed currently on the site.

Frostbite Metallic Lace and Satin Shoulder Tie Teddy
Shape of my Heart Leashed Bra with Gartered High Waist Panty
Rose and Thorn Lace Crop Top and Panty

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