Lingerie and Aphrodisiacs

Otaymah Bonds Lingerie and Aphrodisiacs

“Colors and fabrics can convey certain moods but what is most often left out of the intimate equation is food!”

by Otaymah Bonds

Otaymah is author of the Glamour Gladiator and CEO of Eternal Women Inc, an Image Consulting company. She can be found trying to find great veggie cheese or at the spa.

The idea of creating the perfect setting for a romantic evening is deeply undervalued. Yet that is what lingerie is utilized for-to generate the ultimate atmosphere for a great moment. People often spend large amounts on lingerie but give no thought to what the overall feeling is that they are trying to establish or embrace. Colors and fabrics can convey certain moods but what is most often left out of the intimate equation is food!

Beverages like champagne or even sparkling wine poured into elegant stemware can really up the ante. Luxurious and rich eats such as chocolate covered strawberries, or berries infused with cognac, and sea salt caramels designed in specific colors and with specialized lettering takes the idea of a great night and transforms it into marking a twinkling point in time.

Caitlin Russell, owner and CEO of Bougie Berries, specializes in helping people actualize great instances. Russell and the Bougie Berry staff listens to every individual customers vision and then they set about designing opulent fare perfect for whatever the occasion may be!

What exactly is a Bougie Berry or where does the name Bougie Berries originate from?

A Bougie Berry is a statement. It’s sassy, bold even a bit daring. In addition to the taste people buy Bougie Berries because of the look and how it makes them feel. Many of my customers have referred to my Berries as “edible art”.

Who runs Bougie Berries?

I do! I, Caitlin Alexandria Russell runs Bougie Berries. I control every part of this business from the marketing and taking the orders to the dipping and delivery. I have dipped over 8,000 strawberries for my business and it’s important to me that my customers know that when they receive a package from Bougie Berries. It was picked, dipped, and packaged by me and me alone. When business gets too crazy mom steps in to run my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Bougie Berries
Is the business centrally focused on berries?

Great Question! Many of my new customers ask me this. Although the name would lead you to think that all I make are strawberries I actually run a full service dessert boutique. I offer a variety of items from homemade candies, cupcakes, homemade chocolate covered pretzels, caramel apples, cheesecake bites and so much more.

Where is Bougie Berries located?

Bougie Berries are EVERYWHERE. I run this business out of my home in Brown Deer, WI but thankfully due to the recent popularity on social media Bougie Berries and most of its products can be shipped nationwide.

Bougie Berries on display

What kind of ingredients do you use?

One of the many things that I love about this business is that I have the ability to be hands on with everything. When in season I hand pick my strawberries from a patch less than 20 minutes from my home. My dyes are imported from overseas and I use fresh cocoa from a local Whole Foods store. Everything else is top secret. I put a lot of love in the production of every item I offer.

Do you think setting is important when it comes to romantic evenings?

Absolutely! I think that the right setting actually sets the tone for a romantic evening. Soft music and lighting along with some seductive foods can really assist with setting the tone for a romantic evening.

Bougie Berries

Where does food come in in terms of creating a great setting for an event or cozy night at home?

I honestly feel that the food is the most important. Some may never admit it but a lot of times people determine if they are going to show up to an event based on the menu. Food has a way of uniting people in a social setting and providing comfort in a more intimate setting so whether it’s a social event or a night at home alone you want to make sure that the food is right.

Do you think food items like chocolate and fruit are considered more a luxury?

I do. I feel like fruit and chocolate alone are part of everyday life but when they are combines in a way such as one of my berries it becomes more luxurious. It takes on a new appearance and it becomes something more than just chocolate dipped fruit.

Are fruits, chocolates and other foods linked to lingerie and romance?

I believe so. Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac and can cause someone to be put in a romantic state of mind. Exotic fruits can also alter ones mood depending on how they are presented.

Bougie Berries may be contacted through:
Instagram at @bougie_berries
Telephone (414) 371-0358

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