Lingerie Collective Launches

Clare Hlis and Tiffany Cole-Allen

“We hope to have built an organization of powerhouse young women (and men) eagerly excelling at their careers.” – Clare Hlis, the Lingerie Collective.

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own lingerie brand or finding ways to improve your career in the intimates world, Clare Hlis and Tiffany Cole-Allen are two people who want to see you succeed. They’re going beyond advice and encouraging words launching the Lingerie Collective (the LC) as a way to bring professionals together and help build careers.

The LC is a new professional club aimed at exchanging ideas with events and experiences geared towards creating genuine connections in engaging settings. Everyone in the lingerie industry is welcome and there are no membership fees.

the Lingerie Collective Focus

Tiffany working on fit form

“We are different because we are willing to roll up our sleeves and help one another. If you want to learn to make bras I’m not going to say ‘Oh, you should look for an internship.’ I’m going to say ‘Come to my house this weekend and I will teach you to make a bra at my kitchen table.’ I’m all in.” said Clare. “We hope to make a direct change and impact in members’ lives and careers. It’s not all about “networking,” it’s about finding a mentor who can help you learn a skill you need to get that dream job.”

As Tiffany points out, members are the focus, not events. The LC already counts a diverse group of technical designers, pattern makers, production directors, designers, graphic designers, CAD artists, fit models, web developers, and more in their ranks.

How the LC Started

The Lingerie Collective is the natural progression of an informal network Tiffany and Clare nurtured after they first met at Ariela-Alpha International, LLC in 2010.

“I was a technical designer at the time and Clare came on board managing the sample room and later transitioned to pattern maker,” said Tiffany. “Our entire team there was made up of young professional women who were all extremely talented and from that mutual talent was born several lifelong friendships and Clare and I have since been friends.”

This summer, the two discussed how they could fill a void within the industry for an organization aimed at nurturing talent.

“About two months later we were ready to announce our organization,” said Clare. “We didn’t know how much it was needed or that there would be such a positive response.”

Bringing it all Together


The next step was giving name to the group.

“Tiffany is the master of coming up with great names!” explains Clare. “We wanted a name to speak to the generation of young professionals and generate buzz, so we knew it had to include the word “lingerie”. Collective comes from our group of shared knowledge and professions.”

The organization’s logo carries that sentiment and includes images of the lingerie trade – needle and thread. A wheel surrounding them both symbolize all the working parts that go into producing intimate apparel.

“Each section on the wheel represents the many divisions and careers within the industry coming together to make the wheel move,” said Tiffany. “I wanted to align the thread in a way that appeared that it was also sewing the wheel together to show it bringing each piece together the way we do every day in the industry to keep the business thriving.”

Lingerie Collective NYC Event

Clare draping

Next week, The LC hosts a Cocktail & Networking Event on Wednesday, October 24 at Bait and Hook in New York City. It’s one of many events planned that Clare and Tiffany hope branch into even more activities around the country and around the world.

“My hope is that in five years we’ve helped the original members grow so much through mentorship that they are now the mentors and will come back to guest-speak and teach the next generation their skills.” said Clare.

“I would like to see us using industry experts to help people advance their knowledge in areas that they don’t have experience in,” added Tiffany. “Most importantly, for me, I would like to see us truly changing the face of the next generation of industry leaders to be more inclusive of people of color.”

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