Lingerie Fashion Week: Made in the USA Presentation

On day three of Lingerie Fashion Week, visitors enjoyed a multi-designer Made in the USA Presentation showcasing contemporary lingerie & loungewear from unconventional NaïS (Brooklyn), sustainable Clare Bare (LA), and gothic Sophi Reaptress (Philadelphia)

NaïS Lingerie

NaïS Presentation_Jeff Thibodeau Photography1

Above: NaïS Lingerie. Photo by Jeff Thibodeau.

From one-of-a-kind, cheeky loungewear to undergarments you’ll want to show off, NaïS is a Brooklyn-based lifestyle brand that exudes the unconventional. We are purveyors of innovative lingerie made exclusively in New York.

NaïS Presentation_Caroline Alarcon Photography5

NaïS Presentation_Chang Gao Photography12 NaïS Presentation_Chang Gao Photography8

Above: Nais Lingerie. Photo by Chang Gao.

Anaïs Bouchard, the designer behind NaïS, found her niche creating pieces that bridge the gap between comfortable basics and over-the-top provocative styles. NaïS delivers no facade. What you see is what you get : easy to wear collections with an edge.

Nais Panorama

“All our patterns and samples are made in-house by Anaïs in our creative studio in Greenpoint. We work hands on with our suppliers to offer a local-crafted collection that is sustainable,” says the designer. “Our fabrics and supplies are, as much as possible, made in USA and everything is dyed, cut and sewn in New York.”

Clare Bare

Clare Bare Backstage_Chang Gao Photography

Above: Clare Bare Lingerie. Photo by Chang Gao.

Clare Bare is a Los Angeles based artist and designer specializing in eco-friendly lingerie made from bamboo jersey and vintage fabric. All of her pieces are made locally using sustainable design practices, and are structured to flatter your body in a natural way without the use of constrictive hardware.

Clare Bare Lingerie photo by Luis Paredes

Above: Clare Bare Lingerie. Photo by Luis Paredes.

Clare Bare Presentation_Jeff Thibodeau Photography1

Above: Clare Bare Lingerie. Photo by Jeff Thibodeau.

During her years at Parsons, Clare collected and drew inspiration from vintage textiles that eventually piled so high that there was no more space to work. Soon after, “Clare Bare” was conceived out of the need to give her piles of fabric a purpose, and to make good use out of a clever name. Today it is an ever growing business fueled by passion and created for passionate consumers.

Clare Bare Panorama

“The goal of the Clare Bare line is to offer unique designs that are eco friendly, but still fashion forward.”

The designs range everywhere in between fashion and function, and embody a fun and flirty spirit and a youthful edge. These pieces include soft cup bras, boy shorts, vintage inspired high waisted pieces, garter belts, rompers, bodysuits, and swimwear.

Sophi Reaptress

Sophi Reaptress Presentation_Chang Gao Photography1

Above: Sophi Reaptress Presentation photo by Chang Gao.

Independent designer from Philadelphia. Sophireaptress designs is based on the shadowy side of fashion. Deep hoods and sweeping fabrics juxtaposed again intricately patterned leggings. Sharp edges with beautiful curves. Darks and lights working together to seize the eye and stand apart from the crowd.

NaïS Lingerie Gallery

Clare Bare Lingerie Gallery

Sophi Reaptress Gallery

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