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We’re excited to share a compilation of recent Lingerie Journal features showcasing the exciting stories influencers in lingerie world. Scroll down for a link to each feature, enjoy and let us know what you think!

the Lingerie Selection Founders

the Lingerie Selection Founders

Lingerie Selection Founders: Melissa Franchi, Nevaeh Intimates; Alessandra Baker, Alessandra Mackenzie and Maggie Gillette of the Giving Bride.

What’s the best way for retailers to connect with new brands? It’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer, but two years ago three independent lingerie designers decided to improve on a buyer’s shopping experience. Maggie Gillette of The Giving Bride, Melissa Franchi of Nevaeh Intimates, and Alessandra Baker of Alessandra Mackenzie, believed that intimate apparel is more effectively discovered in an intimate environment.

So they created a new type of experience, the Lingerie Selection. Full story HERE.

Emily Lau, the Little Bra Company

Designer Spotlight: Emily Lau, The Little Bra Company

In ten years, Emily Lau has turned The Little bra Company into the go-to brand for small-busted women—its bread and butter being specialized fitting and feminine styles ranging in sizes 28A through 34C. We recently caught up with Lau to learn some behind-the-scene details of The Little Bra Company, and how she tackled tough business challenges from the get-go. Read on to learn more. Full story HERE.

Kasia Pastwa, Vanilla Night & Day

Vanilla Night & Day

Vanilla Night & Day founder, Kasia Pastwa, reveals her love for femininity and the female form through curve hugging design, romantic shaping, come-hither cut work, stunning motifs and embellishing with lace and dainty bows. Learn more about what inspires her in a great Q&A session HERE. This feature is also a great introduction to the Vanialla Night & Day brand.

Summer Rose Orona, Curvy Couture

Curvy Couture's Summer Rose Orona
We at The Lingerie Journal know her as the spokesperson behind the Curvy Couture brand and Summer Rose Orona does not mix her words when it comes to placing the brand in the best light possible. Her love for and respect of Curvy Couture and its founder Dora Lau is evident in her brand communication which is always comprehensive since she gave herself to looking after the interests of Curvy Couture in 2013. What Summer does behind the scenes is so important to her brand and it is born out of her love for the plus size industry which has always been an area close to her heart. Full story HERE.

Sophie Higgins, Knicker Luxe

Knicker Luxe Sophie Higgins
Can a pair of knickers change a life? Sophie Higgins, founder of Knicker Luxe, thinks so. She passionately believes that with the right kind of support women can be their best self, their true self. And helping make that belief a reality is Sophie’s luxurious collection, Knicker Luxe which offers a dedicated cotton underwear range for women. “But not just any cotton – a premium Pima cotton, lightweight and luxurious,” explains Sophie. Full story HERE.

Krystle, Anya Lust

Anya Lust founder Krystle Kotara

With a name that foretells the tale of an exquisite curation of lingerie finery, Anya Lust is the portrayal of feminine splendour and poise. Recently launched this past December by lingerie enthusiast, Krystle, this new online shop is underwear utopia for women who validate their beauty and self-confidence with the reward of luscious, luxurious under things that create striking silhouettes. Full Story HERE.

Jeanna Kadlec, Bluestockings Boutique

Blustockings Boutique Founder, Jeanna Kadlec

Bluestockings Boutique (BB) is a lingerie and underthings boutique founded with intersectional feminist principles and geared to the LGBTQIA community. The store is the brainchild of Jeanna Kadlec, an academic turned entrepreneur who believes that underthings are for everyone. Bluestockings‘ mission is to empower people who have been marginalized by the mainstream lingerie industry and to offer them an experience that reflects their identities, their bodies, and their values. We wanted our readers to learn more about Bluestockings Boutique and we were thrilled to have Jeanna sit down with TLJ for this intimate Q&A. Full Story HERE.

Naomi Fitzpatrick, Marie Angelique

Marie Angelique Naomi Fitzpatrick

Seizing an opportunity in the face of opposition, Naomi Fitzpatrick grew a lingerie business out of a family crisis. Whilst helping her beloved mother to recover from the ordeal of battling breast cancer, Naomi found herself gaining an unquenchable thirst for everything related to lingerie, leading her to establish her own intimate apparel enterprise, Marie Angelique. Full Story HERE.

Dora Lau, Curvy Couture

Dora Lau Curvy Couture

Dora stated that her Vision is to… “Give curvy women the best fit, comfort and support with fashion flair” …while… “Building bras that every woman feels like they are supported by their best friend” and Dora “believes that this is what women should wear”. Dora elaborated further that her Mission is …”Curvy Couture is a lifestyle”…and to “Encompass the woman with every undergarment foundation on 24/7 basis”. Full Story HERE.

Joy Menon,

Joy Menon founder of the Merchandising Eye

Today, we put the editorial spotlight on one of the Lingerie Journal’s contributing writers, Joy Menon, founder of With a passion to help brands succeed, Joy leverages her experience to help her clients (and TLJ readers) with solid Business Advice, Sales Training and Visual Marketing Solutions. We sit with Joy to learn more about how she started her business and how Merchandising Eye can help intimate apparel companies. Full Story HERE.

Karen Bromley, the Bromley Group

Karen Bromley

The Bromley Group (TBG), based in New York, has been in this business of guiding brands through the marketing and PR jungle for around three decades by designing and coordinating customized communications and linked services for its clients which have included intimate apparel market giants. Principal of The Bromley Group, Karen Bromley, spoke to The Lingerie Journal about how her Agency works to help brands achieve the right amount of exposure in order to corner an ideal share of the target market. Full Story HERE.

Luz de la Riva, Luz de la Riva

Luz de la Riva Portrait

With a potent mixture of passion, family and entrepreneurial drive, Luz De La Riva turned her vision into a successful couture intimate cosmetic and accessories brand sold at major departments stores like Nordstrom and online, with speciality retailers like Bella Bella Boutique. We wanted to share her inspiring story with our readers through this intimate Q&A with the brand’s founder and namesake, Luz De La Riva. Full Story HERE.

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