Lingerie Love Affair: Nichole De Carle London

Nichole de Carle Love Affair feature review by Dana Givens

by Dana Givens, edited by Luis Paredes

Our love affair with the art and craft of lingerie has lead us across the pond to London for some of the most unique creations we have ever seen by luxury lingerie designer Nichole De Carle.

Nichole De Carle’s sophisticated creations are inspired by the elegance and culture of literature, architecture and art. She started her career in the lingerie industry after completing the Contour Design course at DeMontfort University in England and founded her self-named company shortly after graduating crafting bespoke lingerie for private clients, through which she gained an international following of loyal and regular clients.

“Architecture is probably one of the most complex forms of art. Not only should it be beautiful, but it must also be functional and wearable,” – Nichole de Carle

Our Review

What helps make this UK brand stand apart are the contour cuts and bold curves that hug the body while embracing a woman’s silhouette. Since some our fellow lingerie lovers state-side may not be familiar with this British brand, we decided to take a look at one of our favorite sets from Nichole De Carle London – their Catwalk Soft Bra and Catwalk Suspender Belt.

Nichole de Carle Catwalk Soft Bra and Catwalk Suspender Belt

“It wasn’t just a bra anymore – it was a masterpiece crafted for the female body.”

When I first tried on the set, I couldn’t believe how soft and comfortable the bra was. At first, the bra’s multiple straps were a little confusing but the end result was something that blew me away.

It wasn’t just a bra anymore – it was a masterpiece crafted for the female body.

If you are looking a comfortable bra with no underwire and a high-end couture look then this is the bra for your fashionable bosom to rock. And, if you’re daring enough, you can wear the just bra under a sleek black blazer to give the illusion that you are wearing a high-end designer top underneath. The panty was just as equally as cute matching the contour design theme.

“If you are looking a comfortable bra with no underwire and a high-end couture look then this is the bra for your fashionable bosom to rock.”

My favorite piece that brought this whole set together was the suspender belt. While it has a subtle S&M aura to it with the straps fitting over your bottom, it is still conventional enough for the every day woman looking to experiment in the bedroom while still keeping her sense of refined elegance intact.

The belt was the finisher when it came to this gorgeous set. It’s definitely a piece that will make any lingerie collection stand out. Whether you’re looking to surprise you’re significant other one steamy night or treating yourself, this seductive lingerie set will not disappoint.

Nichole de Carle Catwalk Collection

About Catwalk

The Catwalk collection is an extension of the core directional signature of Nichole de Carle London, beautifully crafted silk lingerie, with distinct architectural lines and flattering curves that embody and compliment the female form. The Fashionable choice of color palette is unique for this collection, comprising of sherbet lemon splashes of color, with contrasting black, winding liquorish tones.

“Futurism is the leading influence for the design of the Catwalk collection. Futurism was an artistic and social movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. It emphasised and glorified themes associated with contemporary concepts of the future, including speed and technology,” said the designer. “The design style is chosen to experiment and manipulate light and shape to emphasise the sculptural quality of each product design. Complex curves are stripped away to reveal the essential lines of the form, unprecedented from their simplicity and beauty. Futuristic art of the 1920’s & 1930’s became a strong direction of inspiration for the SS13 Catwalk Collection.”

Nichole De Carle London FW12

Now, if you were blown away by this set then just think – this is only a sample of what you can expect from the designer’s current collection which is filled with more distinctive, elegant and luxurious designs that are sure to make you swoon. It’s time the lingerie lovers in the States love fall in love with the magical grace and style of Nichole De Carle. Stay tuned for more coverage of this brand’s SS13 offerings.

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