Lingerie Sale in Under One Minute with Intimate Payments and Gozooko

One of the biggest concerns we hear from readers starting their own lingerie business is how to take sales.

For retailers the main concerns are: Do we invest in a cash register? Credit card swipe machines? What about eCommerce…how do we integrate our store with our website, our bank accounts, and what the heck is a SSL security certificate?

For manufacturers one of the biggest headaches at a trade show isn’t the prep for the show, it’s the week after when they are sifting through piles of paper looking at their orders wondering if that retailer’s credit card number is really only five digits long.

All of these concerns, according to the team at Gozooko and Intimate Payments can be solved through their combined services. Gozooko offers a host of eCommerce solutions to both retailers and manufacturers and Intimate Payments helps process credit card orders. Both companies haves teamed up to integrate the best of what they do for their customers.

At last month’s International Lingerie Show, Steve Kimberling from Intimate Payments demonstrated how easily a sale can be made using a smart phone and his company’s Paysaber device.

In under a minute, we saw how easy it was and we videotaped the demonstration: product was scanned, credit card swiped, signature taken, receipt printed and sale made.

What made the process even easier was his company’s integration with Gozooko which helped set up a lot of the back end, inventory, drop shipping and website.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think. We even timed the whole process.

For details on the Paysaber, contact Steve at Intimate Payments at 877.476.0570 or visit his company’s website:

To learn more about Gozooko’s eCommerce solutions, please visit them at or call 800.901.2158.

An image of Steve Kimberling demonstrating the use of the Pay Saber device with Intimate Payments and Gozooko

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