Lingerie Selection August 2019 Recap

Lingerie Selection August 2019 Exhibitors

Independent designers are vital to the fashion industry. They are the ones who take risks before everyone else, often innovative, they set the trends. In the lingerie industry this often translates into small ethical brands creating magic and showing it all at trade shows twice a year.

The lingerie market week is the best time for lingerie professionals to have a look at the new trends-setters and see their upcoming collections. If you like an intimate setting, the Lingerie Selection is made for you! This year the trade show took place at 315 W 39th street, suite 800. In this comfortable and welcoming ambiance buyers got to the discover and re-discover the amazing brands that were present this year.

Lingerie Selection August 2019 overall

The edition of The Lingerie Selection featured Violet & Wren, The Giving Bride, Evgenia, Nevaeh, Loulette, Nubian Skin, Hesper Fox and Edge O’ Beyond.

As you enter the cosy room, Maggie, the co-founder of the trade show welcomes you with a drink or a coffee, there are even some cake popsicles on the central table. You can tell that the ambiance is as much about networking, getting to know more about each other than it is about enjoying the beauty of new lingerie creations. Besides lingerie, cake and champagne is one of the best combo.

Lingerie Selection August 2019 Loulette Lingerie Rack

[Loulette booth at The Lingerie Selection]

As it was my first time attending the show, I cannot compare it with other editions. I came with an open mind and walked through the different booths with pleasure and curiosity.

Loulette Lingerie

Lingerie Selection August 2019 Loulette Lingerie tye dye robe
Loulette light and flowy loungewear is made of high quality fabrics, thoughtful finishes and flattering patterns. The New-York luxury brand is manufacturing within the big apple. Their new collection is meant to both calming and joyful with light blue and white pieces, and delicate fringes. If like me you discovered the brand thanks to their honeycomb embroidery, know that it’s still available.

The Giving Bride

Lingerie Selection August 2019 the Giving Bride rack

[The Giving Bride booth at The Lingerie Selection]

For lingerie aficionados that love classic luxury, The Giving Bride offers indulgent capes, slips and robes made of silver lace, velvet and silk. The collection is pretty consistent and you can find it on the brand website. The brand also gives a part of its benefits to charity. The designer Maggie is also the co-founder of The Lingerie Selection and was our host during the trade show.

Edge O’ Beyond

Lingerie Selection August 2019 Edge o Beyond form
UK brand Edge O’ Beyond is known for its fashion-forward designs, made of beautiful illusion mesh, gold plated jewellery-like hardware and great quality silk. The brand is now offering 30G bras and equivalent sister sizes thanks to a smart sizing system. The adjustable straps at the back of their products make it possible to fit up to 4 band sizes for the same product. Stay tuned for the incredible embroideries coming up in 2020!

Violet & Wren

Lingerie Selection August 2019 Violet & Wren
Violet & Wren use of unusual color combinations and soft hand-painted prints makes the brand aesthetic easily noticeable. The brand created a beautiful collection of loungewear with matching turbans and pillowcases this season. So if wearing luxurious designer robes isn’t sufficient, you can live this lifestyle all the way with these elegant accessories.

Nevaeh Intimates

Lingerie Selection August 2019 Nevaeh Intimates Crop top

Nevaeh Intimates has a sensual and modern approach to lingerie. I loved the idea of customizable robe ties but they also offer products that could be easily styled as outerwear.
The brand has a wide selection of boudoir lingerie and accessories and plays beautifully with textures and materials.

Evgenia Lingerie

Lingerie Selection August 2019 Evgenia LIngerie
Evgenia’s upcoming collection features the brand’s signature French lace with star embroidery in a beautiful monochromatic range of pieces. At the center of this new collection, a beautiful waist cincher adorned with vintage-inspired roses and ribbons, a matching lingerie skirt and an incredible ruffled bodysuit.

Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin

It was a pleasure to meet again the amazing Ade Hassan founder of Nubian Skin and see what she had coming next for full-busted customers. Here are a couple of items from her Plumetis collection, already available up to a 38G.
It’s great to see that their recent introduction of full-bust lingerie has led to more beautiful items. You can check their website immediately to discover this new collection! 

I loved discovering the wonderful work of these creative designers in person. The warm atmosphere of the lingerie selection is allowing a beautiful human and fashion experience that I will make sure to reiterate next year! 

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