Lingerie Selection February 2018

Lingerie Selection February 2018 Melissa Franchi

Above: Melissa Franchi of Nevaeh Intimates at last month’s Lingerie Selection.

by Melissa Cherniss

Confession time, smaller, more intimate events are much more my thing. It’s easier to mingle and bombard designers with questions regarding their product because I’m obnoxious like that. I want to know every little detail, from why the designer began their line, what inspired them in the latest collection and to what styles women are gravitating towards the most?

Selfishly, I want to know it all. Now apart from my personal needs and being perfect for the introvert like myself. Smaller trade shows, like The Lingerie Selection, are equally important to the lingerie industry. The intentions are for smaller, more independent luxury brands, come and present their latest collections and be discovered by potential buyers. This season, I was lucky enough to attend the show that hosted six skilled designers from all over the globe.

Walking into the studio, it was warm and welcoming. As a millennial, and slightly addicted to social media, the whole show was definitely “Instagramable.” The entire studio was white, the walls, the floors, the trim, everything. There were massive windows that give in a lot of sunlight. It was perfect for taking pictures, mainly because the white allowed the pieces to standout. The designers were laid out accordingly, easy to move around with a lot of room to mingle.

Mayana Geneviere

Lingerie Selection February 2018 Mayana Geneviere

Now, if I were on the verge of giving birth, my night after seeing this brand would have been spent ordering all of her bras. Not even close to an exaggeration. Mayana Geneviere’s founder, Nadine Woods, was warm and bubbly and ready to share her journey. Her collection is designed around helping women look and feel their best, after having children. She’s developed a nursing bra that fits both the categories of cute and functional. Seriously though, new moms out there, check out her line.

The Giving Bride

The Giving Bride
Browsing through the latest Giving Bride collection left me in an unusual predicament. I questioned whether or not it was appropriate to be jealous of the happy brides-to-be. Seriously, have you seen the styles? Though there so simple, there is this elegant chicness that screams “expensive” when you look at it. I’m now wondering how I can make wearing bridal lingerie as a single gal socially acceptable. Or should I just wait my turn and let these ladies have their moment? But really, it’s that pretty!

Uwila Warrior

Uwila Warrior Taco Tuesday
Sometimes life is hard. We have bodies that reject most styles of underwear causing major wedgies or obvious panty lines. And then the days we get our panties just right, we forget what day of the week it is. Now, if there were only a pair of panties that could help you fight wedgies and remember the day of the week. But seriously, where do I sign up? Because I definitely need a pair of Uwila Warrior panties that say “Taco Tuesday”.

Ipek Kiramer

My first reaction when seeing the collection, oh my stars. Come to think of it…those words may also have slipped out. With a collection as luxurious as this, it was hard not to react in such a way. Automatically my attention went right to Ipek Kiramer’s striped robe of vibrant colors. It brought me back to old Hollywood glamour, so chic.

Loulette Lingerie

Loulette Bodysuit
Loulette began when two friends decided to combine their backgrounds in lingerie and bridal design to create a new kind of bridal and lifestyle brand. And for the past few months, I’ve developed a MAJOR crush on this very brand. It’s to the point that I find myself stalking their Instagram page more than I’d like to admit.

But there is one particular bodysuit that has been on my mind for weeks. So of course, when I went to introduce myself the fangirl moment just followed right after. I mean, this bodysuit is just absolutely gorgeous.

Nevaeh Intimates

It’s funny how we can meet people in life, and a simple conversation can entire perspectives. I remember trying to talk to Nevaeh’s founder Melissa Franchi a few times during The Lingerie Selection, but she was always busy, and I’m never the type to interfere with business. Finally, the second day, I squeezed myself in, hoping she had enough time to tell me about her line and the inspiration behind everything.

Nevaeh Lace Slip

She proceeded by explaining boudoir has always inspired her throughout her collections. Women should be allowed to express their sexuality and identify with their version of sexy. And you know what, she’s right. And it’s about time women found their voice on the subject.

There were a few pieces that really caught my eye. Specifically, a lavender lace slip that could totally work for a night on the town. With a leather jacket and over the knee boots, so cute. It’s looking like this slip just may become a new addition to my collection.

Lingerie Selection February 2018 Cora Harrington

The show ended with an interview of Cora, editor of The Lingerie Addict. There were a few treats along with champagne. It was intimate, with plenty of supporters. With the lingerie industry forever evolving, it was nice to hear the perspective of a fellow blogger.

Especially one who agrees on topics of brands becoming more inclusive and taking advantage of the internet and social media platforms. But that is a topic for a whole new blog post!

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