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Lingerie Trunk Show Advice La Femme Dangereuse Nicole Waters

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Running a successful Lingerie Trunk Show is no easy task. If you don’t know where to start, the founders of the Lingerie Selection (TLS), Maggie Gillette, Melissa Franchi and Alessandra Baker, have some tips and advice to take the stress out of organizing a trunk show.

As designers, they’ve worked with a number of boutiques over the years and now they’re are organizing trunk shows under the Lingerie Selection.

They work with boutiques to organize and promote a co-sponsored TLS lingerie trunk show event. Something to consider if you want to put these tips into action with some additional help.

Tip 1: Invest in Pre-Planning

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“A successful trunk show is all in the pre-planning!”

Make a list of brands you to partner with. Brands you stock and know your customers love is a great place to start. If it’s a new brand, think about how they fit (or don’t) with your boutique’s aesthetics and inventory.

“Additionally, if a retailer has seen a brand either at a trade show or online that they think their customers might like, this could be a good way to test things out without the risk of placing a large wholesale order.” said Maggie Gillette.

Above all, focus on your customers. Reach out to your base and ask them what they’d like to see at an event. This way, not only will you please your core customer, the new customers you attract with the event will be the right ones for your boutique.

Tip 2. Establish Roles

Once you’ve locked down the brands you’re working with, make sure everyone’s on the same page about their roles and who’s responsible for what. If it helps, get everything in writing.

“I feel that communication is key. If the retailer needs something from the designer or vice versa they should ask before the event,” suggests Maggie. Establish important considerations like payment and who will provide bags, food, giveaways before the show so that things run smoothly the day of.

Tip 3. Decide on a Theme

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Having an engaging theme for a trunk show makes it fun, easier to market and gives customers an extra reason to attend. The Seasons and Holidays are always great touchstones for inspiration if you need some ideas.

“Spring and Summer is a great time to do things around the bridal/bachelorette themes while Winter lends itself to trunk shows around gifting and Valentine’s Day.” said Maggie. “Of course, if you know you have an adventurous customer you can also do things around styling lingerie into your outerwear looks or picking outfits for boudoir shoots. The possibilities are really endless there depending on what a boutique’s customers might enjoy. We have tons of ideas we can’t wait to implement!”

Tip 4. Mark the Calendar

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Timing is arguably one of the most important things to consider when planning a lingerie trunk show. It’s also going to be different for each boutique. Maggie says, “Weekends are generally best of course because people tend to have the most free time. However the exact day and time comes down to when the boutique is generally the busiest and I think it’s always good for brands to take the advice of the boutiques on the specifics since they know their boutique.”

Tip 5. Promote!

Start reaching out to your existing customer base with regular eNewsletters promoting the event and making the date, time, location as clear as possible. Take your announcement to all of your social media platforms and consider investing in paid or sponsored posts. Facebook has excellent tools to make sure the audience you want to reach gets the message.

Bonus Lingerie Trunk Show Advice: Power in Numbers

Consider bringing together a group of designers like the Lingerie Selection does to help boost the success and profitability of a trunk show.

“By leveraging multiple brands’ social media networks to cross-promote the event, we’re able to get a broad reach – not only for the specific event-but to build brand awareness for the boutique and participating brands. It’s a win/win that lasts far beyond the event!” said Maggie.

Tip 6. Crowd Control

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Great! You’ve done the pre-planning, organized the show, promoted and it’s the day of…eager customers are walking through the door. Now what?

Keeping customers happy, content and focused at a trunk show is another job both the retailer and designer have to keep in mind. Make sure you’ve secured entertainment, music and food and set it all up ahead of time.

“I have to say, I champagne helps. I’ve never seen an unhappy shopper with champagne in their hand,” said Maggie. “But really, I think it’s all about creating a welcoming atmosphere that allows shoppers to slow down, relax, and try on something that they might not since they have the guidance of the designers there to help them.”

Bonus Lingerie Trunk Show Advice: Keep the Momentum

“One of the great things a boutique can do is capture the e-mail addresses of people who attend so that they can continue to market to them post show,” suggests Maggie. “Sharing pictures from the event afterwards keeps your boutique top of mind and grows your social media presence. Both of those things should help keep customers coming back post event!”

If you still need help organizing a lingerie trunk show, the Lingerie Selection team is there to help. They’ve worked with boutiques like La Femme Dangereuse, the Rack Shack and Musee Lingerie.

“The La Femme Dangereuse trunk show is a great example of everyone using their resources to get a good turn out,” said Maggie. “Some of the new customers who purchased that day said that they would be back for bra fittings.”

Interested in learning more? Contact the Lingerie Selection team at

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