LingerieFW SS14 Day 2: Gold, Stockings and Lace

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“I felt that Lingerie Fashion Week was again an influential platform that would allow us to build more awareness along a vast customer base reaching consumers worldwide.” – Melissa Franchi, Nevaeh Intimates.

Day two of LingerieFW started with a presentation by indie lingerie brands Lola Haze and Uye Surana. For those who haven’t attended LingerieFW, the show’s presentations encourage visitors to take a closer look at a brand’s collection. Models stand in place or on stands to allow attendees to photograph the garments and speak with the designers as they mingle with the crowd.

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“As a designer, it was exciting to see the new collection come to life on live models instead of hangers and a clothing rack,” noted Lola Haze Designer and Owner Laura Mehlinger. “As a platform, Lingerie FW makes launches easy for brands; instead of having to produce our own events, we can rely on the production infrastructure of it.”

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Mehlinger was able to showcase her latest lingerie collection inspired by a recent trip to Mexico saying: “I tried to capture some of the vivacity of the decor and spirit there. Lola Haze’s line is full of bright rich colors and diaphanous fabrics, so a live show was the perfect way to showcase this spring energy.”

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Attendees and press were also able to view Uye Surana’s SS14 collection. Described as a New York based clothing label of effortless fashion, designer Monica Wesley grew up fusing interesting materials together as a means of self-expression. All of the brand’s garments are made in the US with “an attention to detail ensuring that they become a beloved part of anyone’s wardrobe.”

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After a two hour break, Rococo Dessous showed off its unique and luxurious lingerie collection via runway. The brand’s founder Sascha Hertli and designer Breanna Lee (a former Victoria’s Secret designer) use gold thread from Switzerland to design and manufacture the collection in New York City.

The ultra-lux collection is geared towards consumers with deep pockets. The retail range for a bra and panty set hover between $3,000 – $6,000+ depending on the style and level of customization.

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The brand claims it is the first lingerie line made of gold thread. A fact that press outlets like the Wall Street Journal and were eager to report on in this video and editorial feature.

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“I think this is a very promising event and I am glad that more brands participated this time! I hope it will reach the status of the NYFW in the future. I am definitely going to participate again.” – Anaïs Bouchard, NaïS Lingerie.

Later that day, two more brands participated in LingerieFW’s “Made in NY” presentation — Naïs and Nevaeh Intimates. The “Made in NY” presentation showcases designers based in NYC that design and manufacture their garments in the city. Both brands had also participated in the inaugural edition of the show.

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NaïS designer and founder Anaïs Bouchard said of the show, “This is a great opportunity for me to be more involved in the Lingerie sphere while participating to an event that is trying to elevate Lingerie on the Fashion scene. That is exactly the goal of NaïS, to bring fashion codes in Lingerie/Loungewear collections.”

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On a similar note, Melissa Franchi of Nevaeh said, “We are so thankful for the wonderful response we have received from all. This exposure has covered outlets from reportable sources such as the Daily News, CNBC, and channel 7 news which reaches thousands of households. Coverage also included write ups in top industry magazines, from bloggers in and out of the lingerie market, along with acknowledgement from top stylists and boutiques. Overall a positive experience.”

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“Getting your brand out in the public is what it is all about and LingerieFW did that,” – Daniel J. Whitsett, President of Secrets in Lace.

Later that day, the eagerly-awaited Secrets in Lace show drew in another large crowd. Known primarily as a retailer of retro-inspired 100% nylon stockings, Secrets in Lace also designs its own collections of lingerie, shapewear and hosiery.

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The runway show started with a video introduction by burlesque star, Dita Von Teese. Models then showed off the company’s Bettie Page Lingerie Stockings collection. Four styles of lingerie, shapewear and hosiery graced the runway.

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After a brief pause, guests were treated to a mid-show Burlesque performance showcasing Secrets in Lace’s Bettie Classic Leopard Collection. Performers Ginger Valentine, Missy Lisa, and Angie B’Lovely teased and wowed the crowd leaving behind smiles and some clothes on the runway. Afterwards, models walked out with Dita Von Teese’s Authentic Nylon Stockings collection.

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At the end of Secrets in Lace’s runway show, Secrets in Lace President, Daniel J. Whitsett took to the runway with a few models to give the audience some insights into his company’s history and the intricacies of hosiery manufacturing.

By the end of the runway show and Whitsett’s presentation, everyone in the audience was ready for more. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long. The next morning, the final day of Lingerie Fashion Week started with another impressive runway show by You! Lingerie: LingerieFW Day 3

LingerieFW SS14 Day 3

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