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Little Bra Company Ethel

by Arielynn Rollins, Social Media Manager for Genevieve Intimate Apparel

As a petite woman — I’m 5’ and weigh just under 90 pounds — the struggle is real when it comes to finding a bra that fits, is supportive, and doesn’t come from the children’s section. When I was 18, I discovered that Walmart sold a seamless (wire-free) lace bra in the women’s clothing section that actually fit me, and I bought several pairs since I considered this a victory (plus, they only cost about $5 each). Although they didn’t offer any support, they gave me a smoother silhouette, were very comfortable and made me feel a little bit more grown up.

Walmart Bra

I honestly thought this was as good as it was going to get. Every single lingerie store I’d visited, online or in person, seemed to cater to bigger-busted clientele. Enter The Little Bra Company — a company that celebrates the fact that “good things do come in small packages”.

Emily Lau at CURVENY in August 2015

Above: Emily Lau with visitors at the Little Bra Company booth at CurveNY. Photo: Little Bra Company Facebook page.

Founded by Emily Lau in May 2007, The Little Bra Company (TLBC) aims to provide petite women with perfect-fitting bras that make them feel feminine and sexy. “The Little Bra” refers to both the fit and bust size as TLBC specializes in hard-to-find smaller band and cup sizes including 28-38A, 28-36B, and 28-34C. Even if you are an A or B-cup, you can have natural-looking cleavage with one of these wonderful bras!

Little Bra Company Charlotte

“[Charlotte] is my ‘go-to’ bra on day when I want to look and feel especially polished.”

Since The Little Bra Company boasts a large selection of bras, it’s difficult to choose a favorite, but I managed to narrow it down to my top three for this review, beginning with the “Charlotte” (pictured above). Designed to be an everyday t-shirt bra with a little extra ‘oomph’ (and by ‘oomph’ I mean noticeable cleavage), the “Charlotte” is very supportive and gives a smooth silhouette. This is my ‘go-to’ bra on day when I want to look and feel especially polished. Featuring full coverage cups and convertible straps, the “Charlotte” is a sexy and fashionable push-up bra that combines practicality, style, and versatility all in one!

Little Bra Company Ethel

The “Ethel” bra (pictured above) is another one of my favorites for several reasons. Despite the lace detailing and the fact that it’s a push-up bra, it’s surprisingly comfy and works well as an everyday bra. It features removable pads so you can opt for more or less push-up depending on your mood, and it also features a higher rise under the arms to smooth out your sides while pushing your breasts forward (therefore giving you a curvier figure).

Little Bra Company Mercedes

Last but not least is the “Mercedes” in Ballet Slipper Pink and Black (pictured above). Perfect for scoop neck and lower-cut tops, this padded push-up bra gives you a subtle yet sexy push-up effect while simultaneously giving you the support needed to complement your natural figure. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day, and I’m in love with the color scheme, too!

Although I still sometimes wear my Walmart bras when I don’t feel like putting on a real bra, I have to say that I’m extremely glad to have discovered The Little Bra Company. Having high-quality intimate apparel that fits my body type has given me a huge confidence boost, and I’m also happy to report that The Little Bra Company bras are all reasonably priced!

What do you think of The Little Bra Company? Are there any other lingerie companies that you know of that cater to petite women?

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